July 19, 2010


June 20, 2010

We went to the Red River Ex this morning to check it out since we totally missed it last year. We went right when the gates opened this morning (to get home in time for an afternoon nap) so lots of things weren’t open right at the start. We checked out the military display and Isaac was all over the plane, he had several turns and would have sat in there half the day if I’d let him.

in an F-18 cockpit

Next we headed to the army youth challenge were he politely refused to have his face painted and the nice private walked him through the obstacle course while I fed Sadie. Here is a shot of them coming out of the maze.

Then we checked out the petting zoo; Isaac stayed in the stroller and was interested but not so much, no photos from there.

Then we hit the junior rescue challenge (read slide and a play house and slide OMG slide!!) we played there for close to half an hour, no photos from here either; Sadie and I were hanging out. Incidentally we met another little Sadie here, she was about six months older than Isaac.

We finished off at the ‘day on the farm’ exhibit where kids get to do farm chores and collect items to sell at the market. Then they sell their wares and earn a dollar to go buy something from the general store. It was very cute and Isaac enjoyed most of the chores. Most of all he enjoyed the tractors though.

Oh and there were more slides. Then we got home and had a nap and after we woke up walked to the park for (of course) the slides.

My Mother’s Day Gift

June 18, 2010

I saw this style of necklace in a giveaway on To The Max, it’s from The Vintage Pearl. I didn’t think much about it at first (this was while I was still pregnant with Sadie) but I decided I needed one and in true Jackie-Jason fashion ordered it that very second.  Thankfully Mother’s day was just around the corner so I justified it 🙂

So much to say

June 17, 2010

so little time.

We had a great three week road trip to visit family and friends…I’ll elaborate soon with pics.

Now we’re preparing for Isaac’s b-day party today. Expect pics on that soon too.

… I totally lost on the golf club issue. I am such a push-over 😉

Nobody’s Fool

April 17, 2010

Isaac is nobody’s fool.

We’re not potty training per se, but Isaac is pretty obvious when he is pooping or needs to poop and tends to prefer privacy. When my mother in law was here, she was putting him to bed and he went into his closet and said ‘bye’; he soiled his diaper. She said something to the effect that if she’d had the potty in the closet, she probably could have had him poop on it.

I’ve tried asking in the past when he was headed to one of his usual privacy haunts if he wanted to try pooping on the potty and the answer was always no. Anyhow the other day, inspired by what Trudy had said I asked him if he wanted to try pooping on his potty in the closet, to my surprise he said yes.

I was even more surprised when he actually went. In true toddler fashion so was he and there was a lot of concern and ‘uh oh’ going on. I cheered, I congratulated, he said ‘no, no, no’. I offered chocolate and it all turned around.

Since then he’s pooped on the potty at least once a day. This morning he also learned that peeing gets you chocolate too. So this evening he peed, demanded his reward, let me put on his diaper and p.j’s then asked to use the potty again, less than a minute later. He pooped and got another chocolate.

Somehow I think I got played.

out numbered

April 13, 2010

Jason left on Sunday and is away on a military course in Ontario. He will be gone for 12 weeks.
I decided to keep Isaac in day care one day a week while Jay is gone, just to give me a chance to run errands without an almost two once a week.
We’re also planning to break up the no-Papa time with a visit from my Grandma and some traveling to Saskatchewan and Alberta. You know, just to keep the kids on their toes and break any routine I might establish in the next three weeks.
Anyhow, so far so good. We’re all still clean(ish), fed and clothed. The laundry is done and the vacuuming can wait until tomorrow 😉