Fall Flavours

October 5, 2008

As I mentioned before fall has definitely arrived and seems to have taken hold over this past weekend. The leaves are turning and the groceries stores are full of local winter squash.

Colourful Local Winter Squash

Colourful Local Winter Squash

The really great part is that each varitey of squash has a different recipe on it so we’ve tried some new ones. In keeping with the season we’ve had some yummy fall meals lately (which to me means warm fatty yummy comfort foods) such as Rosemary Chicken

(this includes bacon), and stuffed dumpling squash, soups and stews.

Here is one of the recipes off of the sweet dumpling squash (the green and cream one).

Stuffed Dumpling

Cut out stem end of squash and remove seeds. Fill cavity with diced potatoes, onions, hamburger, salt/pepper. Fill with milk. Set in roaster pan with 2 cm of water. Bake 1 hr or until squash is soft. Top with cheese before removing from oven. ( I cooked the hamburger first).

So what are some of your favourite fall meals?


100 things

October 3, 2008

1. I have a wicked sweet tooth.

2. I wonder how long it will be before my kid realized his parents are not cool.

3. I like to think we’ll have until kindergarten.

4. I think that might be wishful thinking.

5. I’m cheap. Nothing I like more than getting a good deal (or even better free)

6. I hate to pay for parking…I’ll park blocks away from my destination just to get free parking (see #5)

7. I’m bossy. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to air traffic control.

8. Air traffic controller was not my first trade choice.

9. I wanted to be a pilot, but failed aircrew selection because of my eyesight.

10. I’m very glad I’m not a pilot.

11. I am logical…sometimes to an annoying fault…but to me it only makes sense.

12. I am very loyal.

13. When bottles of toiletries (lotion, shampoo, facewash) are too empty to pump, I cut them open and scoop the last 1/8th of the bottle into a new one (again see #5)

14. I usually wait until the area under the sink (where I place said, almost empty bottles) is full before I do this. That usually means an assortment of at least eight bottles.

15. I kept my last name when Jason and I got married; I like my name, I’ve had it since birth.

16. I have one brother.

17. I went to catholic school from grade 1 through 12.

18. We originally made the switch because we weren’t allowed to take our lunch to the public school, we lived too close and had to go home for lunch but both my parents worked.

19. I had my first child in June 2008

20. Labour and delivery was everything I hoped for and more.

21. I like to sew.

22. I particularly like to make quilts.

23. Since I got pregnant I branched out to sewing other baby related paraphernalia.

24. I buy and sell stuff on Kijiji.

25. I’ve never bought anything off of E Bay.

26. I freecycle.

27. I use cloth diapers with my son.

28. I do laundry every day.

29. I like hanging laundry on the line.

30. I dream about retiring to a cabin on a lake where I have to drive into town once a week for groceries.

31. I love to travel.

32. I grew up in Northern Alberta.

33. It was a great place to grow up and we lived right across the street from extensive wooded paths.

34. When I first moved to Ontario I wondered where the trees went.

35. I love to swim.

36. It’s even better when you can swim naked in a mountain lake.

37. I like to walk.

38. I don’t enjoy running until I’m finished.

39. In 2007 I went to the Netherlands with work to participate in a 160 km walk over a four day period.

40. I can’t play hockey.

41. I don’t even know how to hold the stick right.

42. I can be sarcastic at times.

43. I took both my degrees at the same school.

44. My first degree was engineering

45. My second degree was Physics

46. If I do a PhD I want it to be in Education.

47. I volunteer.

48. I have trouble saying ‘no’.

49. I found I had to work harder on my trade course (air traffic control) than for either of my degrees.

50. My lowest mark in University was geography.

51. I hated reading as a child.

52. I didn’t discover the joy of recreational reading until university (when I was suppose to be doing other things)

53. I’m a great procrastinator.

54. Until I had my son I never took any pictures.

55. Now I take at least one a day.

56. I wanted my son to have a unique name.

57. I am happy with the name we chose, although I don’t think it’s unique.

58. I know how to lay tile.

59.I’ve actually done lots of renos on all our houses ( generally with Jason, but tiling is all me) and learn something new with each project.

60. I have retained all my high school friendships.

61. Our lives have all gone in different directions but no matter how long it has been we can always pick up as if we’ve just spoken.

62. I’m rather pleased that my son has blue eyes.

63. I didn’t think he would since my eyes are green and my husbands are brown; but I always kind of hoped he would.

64. I learned to like wine in University (the first time around).

65. One night I drank six bottles of wine (someone must have helped me because I lived)

66. Once I started controlling there were strict rules about drinking which I followed dutifully.

67. As a result I don’t drink much anymore at all, just the occasional glass of wine with dinner.

68. I no longer enjoy hard liquor at all.

69. My son’s name is a family name from my side of the family.

70. His middle name is from Jason’s side of the family.

71. I don’t know my left from my right.

72. I’m horrible with directions.

73. Just because I made it somewhere doesn’t mean I can make it back to where I came from.

74. I’m a horrible speller.

75. Actually, my grammar and punctuation leave something to be desired too.

76. In fact I have a relatively weak grasp on the English language, so I suck at madlibs…. what’s an adverb again?

77. My French isn’t much better, although I’m considered functionally bilingual.

78. Did I mention I like math and numbers?

79. I hope to send my children to French immersion.

80. I like cheese

81. a lot.

82. I gave up milk, cheese and yogurts made with cows milk because I think it was bothering Isaac’s stomach when I ate it while breastfeeding.

83. I still buy goat cheese.

84. My favorite colours are blue and green.

85. I wrote this in installments. So while it may seem that the train of thought jumps from here to there than back to here, it made perfect sense when I wrote it.

86. Really.

87. I had never mowed a lawn until this year.

88. I hate to vacuum.

89. I always spell vacuum wrong on my first try.

90. Anything with an ie or ei in it too.

91. I can never remember if the sun rises in the East or the West; total mental block for some strange reason.

92. I enjoy clutter.

93. Especially paper clutter.

94. I have all of my pay statements from when I joined the military in 1997 until they went digital and stopped sending me paper copies.

95. I enjoy grocery shopping, but sometimes have trouble finding time to do it.

96. I read other peoples 100 things list again to get ideas for what to write in this list.

97. I tried not to repeat anything from my ’41 things’ list.

98. I don’t know if I succeeded.

99. I never thought I’d hit my 100th post this early.

100. I never thought I’d come up with 100 things.