33 weeks

January 22, 2010

Really has it been that long already!?! Are we really going to meet this baby in seven (give or take) short weeks? We are working on names and bantering a couple back and forth. We recently struck one boys name off the list though as I realized it would just be cruel to name a boy Ash Towle (that last name is pronounced ‘toll’; that’s right sound it out and you’ll see why)

Only in the past few weeks has it really started to dawn on me that I will be at home with TWO kids for a year. I mean really we were just starting to get the hang of this one kid arrangement; what were we thinking? Then I get a little (or not so little) kick in the ribs or punch to the kidneys and think ‘oh yeah, baby; that’s what we were thinking’. Then Isaac will do something that just floors us, like picking up a new word or mimicking something that we didn’t even know he noticed or just give one of the biggest best hugs ever, and I remember why it is so easy to say, yeah, kids are great, lets have another one.

I’m sure there will be trying days (and nights) in the months ahead, but I know there will be many perfect, magical moments too; and they just make it all worth it. So in a few short months when I’m whining about no sleep, constant nursing and toddler tantrums, just remind me that this too shall pass. New belly pic to come when I get organized enough to take a photo and unload it.


Pregnancy Update

June 14, 2008

While first and foremost…yup…still pregnant (not that we’re getting impatient over here or anything). I still feel great and am able to walk everyday; although with current heat we’re more inclined to take the dogs for a swim that to walk, unfortunately the water while wade-worthy…is not swim worthy for humans at the moment. I have been having some serious Braxton-Hicks contractions at night, but nothing that keeps me up and nothing that feels like a real contraction must feel like. I had a doctors appointment on yesterday and he said all looks well and if I make it to my appointment next week than they’ll do an internal check and an ultrasound to see how much fluid is around baby. He said he’ll let me go 10 days overdue with no intervention, but that’s it. So this progressive thoughts for us over here and hope I don’t make it to next weeks appointment.

I’ve been so busy keeping busy with my mom (and not thinking about my impending due date) that I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging. Just a quick note to announce my first ever give away! For those that are unaware I am due June 15 with my first child; my husband thinks it’s a girl, I think it’s a boy. I’m offering up a handmade soaker or pair of sweater pants (both made from recycled wool sweaters) to the comment that guesses the correct sex of the baby and the closest to the actual delivery date. For those of you who don’t cloth diaper the soaker or longies (sweater pants) would look darling over a disposable diaper too, and so as not to exclude anyone, if you don’t have little ones you can request a dozen hankies instead. It’s pretty easy leave me a comment with your guess of sex and a delivery date, correct sex and closest date wins (be sure to leave an e-mail address or e-mail me with your address so I can get back to you). After I’ve had the baby and a respectable time has passed (give me a week maybe) I’ll contact the winner and you can tell me if you want a soaker (short pants), pants, or some hankies or cloth wipes. If you want the soaker or pants you’ll just have to send me the measurements for pants that currently fit your little one and I’ll whip up a pair and send them your way.

38 weeks

June 3, 2008

The latest and greatest belly pic:

nesting much?

May 30, 2008

Okay so the diapers still aren’t washed and the bag is only half packed but I have completed some more receiving blankets (in lovely light linen for my June baby) and finally finished the wall hangings for the nursery:

Now the parrot (yes that scary one you didn’t know what it was is a parrot) didn’t turn out as cute as the picture I used as a model but all in all I’m pretty pleased…now if we can only get around to hanging them this weekend…

Cruel Reality

May 25, 2008

Women who are 8+ months pregnant should not wear their pre-pregnancy yoga pants in public. Unfortunately for my neighbors they are still very comfy and I don’t consider gardening, dog walking, or a quick trip to the corner store for bread ‘public’.

On an unrelated but still cruel note, the following thought passed through my head today while vacuuming (Our Doula is coming over this afternoon, didn’t want her choking on the pet hair) “hmmm…mom’s not back until Wednesday which means I’m going to have to vacuum again…oh well at least it gives me something to do…”

Sigh…vacuuming for entertainment…very glad my mom is coming back to help pass these last three (maybe five) weeks:)

I’m about three weeks away from my due date (so five weeks away from meeting this kid if any of the new first time moms around here are any indication) and we still have no name for this child. We come up with some we agree on, but then I waffle and change my mind (even if it was one I suggested) or I’ll bring up an old one that Jason has already vetoed and this time he likes it. So I guess what I’m wondering is how much did you love your child’s name before you gave it to him or her? Did you have one picked out then change it when you saw your baby for the first time? Did it take some time for baby to grow into their name so that you felt it truly fit them? Like I said, we’ve got some ideas, but nothings feels perfect yet…I guess I’m just wondering if it ever does or if you need to meet the kid first.