….well at least a new haircut and it’s wash and go. Who could ask for more.


Power Stride

September 22, 2008

That’s the name of the new workout class I joined on Friday mornings. I have to thank Lisa for mentioning baby boot camp in her last post. I’ve been trying for weeks to find a local mom and baby fitness group to no avail; after reading Lisa’s post I googled bootcamp kingston and came up with the group I was looking for (who knew ‘body now 4 moms’ kingston wouldn’t work in a google search because they are ‘body now 4 mums’). Anyhow the point is I found the group, but I am not hard core enough for boot camp…this lady doesn’t run if she has a choice. So I signed Isaac and I up for Power Stride and Conditioning. We started last week and it was a pretty good workout, but still not super heavy cardio…so I may have to work on that on my own.

Isaac didn’t really appreciate the class. He cried for the longest period in his short life as there was no way I could go pick him up and still do the excersices and no one else was going to get their kids (ahhh the power of peer pressure). So I’d say he got the better cardio workout; he doesn’t seem any worse for the wear though by the end of the 45 min he was asleep (it’s hard work to scream at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes or so). Anyhow I think we might try the Ergo for next week as he is getting heavy to wear on my front and I think I’ll stop enjoying classes pretty quickly if they consist of my child being the only one losing it in his stroller.

March Update

March 3, 2008

    I’m going to take an optomistic approach here and say so far so good. In reality, I kind of cheated on Saturday as Jason and I only got 40 min or so in with the dogs, so to reach my hour goal I counted 20 min of grocery shopping as walking (cheating yes I know…but noone likes to fail on the first day!). To make up for it I went for a two hour snowshoe on Sunday with my friendly dog and his pal Anouk, the weather was gorgeous and I would have gone longer if I didn’t have things to do in the afternoon. Of course I got my hour in this morning (hooray for walking partners), and anticipate no problems for the rest of the week, since it is just part of our weekday routine. On Friday afternoon however, we leave for Florida, so wish me luck in eeking out a hour (and the energy) to walk on Saturday while we frantically drive towards vacation bliss (because who are we kidding, driving just does not count as part of the vacation, it is simply a means to an end).

One Month Challenge

February 26, 2008

After reading Jen and Christy’s blogs about one month for my health, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve said I am going to walk for one hour EVERYDAY in March. Now this isn’t groundbreaking, I know, but I’m setting myself up for success here. I already walk seven days a week already with my dogs. But on the weekends I tend to slack off and take the dogs to the field so they can run and chase the ball…this does not really count as a walk for me….I do very little exercise. I also want to continue taking the dogs to the field on weekends as this is their big ‘steam release’ after five days of leash walking, so essentially this means I just need to take a bit more time on the weekends and the dogs get two walks, one on-leash and one off-leash.

The only challenge I really foresee here is the week of vacation we’re taking in March. Now I’m pretty sure I’ll get more than a hour of walking in at the theme parks everyday, but during our driving days I’m going to have to make a concentrated effort to get a walk in. Wish me luck!

The Green Monster

February 8, 2008

       We’ve been living in Kingston now for over a year and a half, but have yet to establish a strong group of friends and acquaintances, not like we had in Comox. Now this is mostly our fault, we’ve treated this posting as temporary right from the start (I mean we were only going to be here for two years) and we’ve been busy with work/school/life and haven’t really gotten to involved with the local community (ie. going to local theatre, joining a club, starting a sport..etc.). Don’t get me wrong we’ve got some great friends here and enjoy get-togethers and game nights; but I don’t have the same ‘available’ friend structure I had back home. By this I mean someone I can call up short notice and say, hey lets go……(for coffee, to a show, shopping, walk the dogs etc.). But because he’s on course with a large group of displaced guys Jason has no problem finding someone to go do something with (I mean when you live in a room with three other grown men, it’s not hard to find excuses to go out), and I’m ashamed to admit I’m jealous.

              Now , it’s not like I’m not welcome to join them (most of the time), but for me a trip to Futureshop and Audiotronics does not make a fun afternoon (just as I’m sure Jason doesn’t really enjoy shopping for fabric and trolling consignment baby stores). I guess I need to bite the bullet and start making some phone calls so that next time I want to kill a few hours in the afternoon by going out for coffee, or catching a ‘chick-flick’ that does not appeal to the boys, I can find someone who is free.