April 29, 2010

I should be sleeping, but Sadie is so darn cute asleep in her swing that I don’t want to wake her and I don’t want to sleep on the couch so I thought I’d blog instead.

I am constantly on Jason’s case about his need for instant gratification when it comes to new gear and gadgets. He gets an idea in his head and decides he wants something; this quickly turns in to a need and one that must be filled instantly. I am currently trying to convince him that he doesn’t need a set of custom made golf clubs (thanks Francois for planting that seed).

When I decide I want something, I usually have the cash saved from my ‘allowance’ or petty cash. But I’m just as bad as Jason when I decide I want something I want it now. I think the only reason I do better with the whole paying for it up front is I don’t start looking or really lusting for something until I have the cash to pay for it.  Also, it helps that I have very few things that I want for me. I don’t shop for clothes, I don’t really wear jewelry, and we bought all our skookum camping and climbing gear when we were single/dating with no mortgage so we’re pretty set there. Where I become a complete and total hypocrite is when I want something for my kids.

Evidence to this fact is the Phil and Ted’s stroller that I decided I wanted before we were even pregnant, or the carriers that I HAD to have and bought before Isaac was even born. Or how about the wooden blocks* I obsessed over for months before Jason just told me to order the darn things. Or the bike** Isaac will get for his second birthday that we’ve had in storage since we lived in Kingston (we’ve been in Winnipeg for over a year people).

More recent examples would be the train table * I just had to buy for Isaac (and give him for no reason what so ever, man this kid is spoiled), or the mp3 player ** I just ordered for him on line so I can (hopefully) stop playing the wheels on the bus on you tube for him ad nauseam.

So this is me the hypocrite hoping my husband doesn’t use this as an excuse to buy golf clubs on the weekend.

* Totally worth it BTW, all great toys that he has used and loved

** My hopes are high that these will be just as popular as the first toys


Home Alone…

May 1, 2008

…or at least alone as you can get with four pets in the house. Jason is in the field until Tuesday for a local excercise; he’s been lucky enough to come in twice so far to catch a shower and some real food (they are eating IMP’s, so all packaged, processed and preserved to the hilt kind of things). This is the first time since we’ve been married that it is me at home with the ‘kids’ while he is away and I’ve learned a few key things:

– my living room floor is not the slef-cleaning model and apparently Jason has a lot to do with keeping it fur-free (just kidding I knew this, but with shedding season in full swing here, I didn’t realize just how often he must vacuum)

– it’s alot easier to convince yourself to cook a real meal when you know there will be some else there to eat it too. I’m still eating, but some nights it’s a lot easier to throw together a quick sandwich and salad rather than actually COOK something.

– I get bored a lot easier when Jason isn’t home….I had grand visions of all the sewing I’d get done while he was away, but have yet to actually accomplish any of it. Without him sitting at the table on his computer and using the stereo in the livingroom it is far to easy to turn on the tv and sit around bored for hours even though there is nothing on.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll survive…but it’s been a real eye-opener on the house work front. I’m going to have to come up with some kind of schedule when I’m home with the little one or nothing will get done. Yesterday I forced myself to get up off the couch and clean the bathrooms, but was down-right beat once I’d fininshed (did I mention fatigue has returned now that I’m in my third trimester). Today’s goal is to vacuum the livingroom before the hair balls get big enough to attack my cats. On a final note, my hat goes off to all of you out there who I know do this all the time. I can only imagine the adjustments that will need to be made when Jason goes away on tour or on an out of town course I have a little one to care for as well as myself and my zoo crew.

All Dressed Up

February 29, 2008

My poor husband had to take a picture of his cranky pregnant wife last night before I left for a mess diner. For those non-military readers a mess diner is a fancy to-do where we all get together (usually in our fanciest and sharpest looking uniforms) and share a good meal with wine and have marches played and toasts and speeches made. Now my fancy uniform (mess kit) was cut for me seven years ago when I graduated from university so there was NO WAY it was going to fit. I wrote a quick e-mail and go permission to wear civilian attire. Thankfully my friend Sue is about three months ahead of me in her pregnancy and she needed a fancy outfit for the Christmas ball so she had a beautiful long jacket made out of some material she picked up while working for a few weeks in China. Better yet, although Sue is a bit more petite than I, the jacket fit and she lent it to me. Back to poor Jason being stuck taking pictures; We’d both just woken up from an afternoon nap so we weren’t at our most patient anyways. He took three initial shots and I complained they were to far away, he took two more from a very unflattering angle which I promptly deleted…we both walked away from the camera to breath. I asked for one more try before I left and here is the result.

I guess I should have kept some of the first ones since they showed the length of the coat and the entire outfit, but as I said I had just woken up and wasn’t too pleased with any of the pictures.

I think a lot of it is stemming from my hate for my hair at this length. I’m still trying (in vain in seems) to grow this mop out. It feels like the only thing that is growing with any speed is (quite annoyingly) my bangs. I made a comment yesterday to Jason about wanting to cut it all off again, he said I wasn’t allowed. Now please don’t misunderstand, much to my husbands chagrin, he has no say in how I wear my hair and I do not need to ask permission. But it was my idea to grow it out and if he had only said ‘do whatever you want’; which is sometimes his reply when I whine unnecessarily about something completely in my control, I probably would have an appointment today to get it cut. Unfortunately without him ‘letting me off the hook’ from my original goal to grow it out long enough to pull back I can’t quite give up that easily. So much for enabling…lol.

Thought of the day

February 15, 2008

Valentines day be darned….nothing says I love you like volunteering to get groceries on a Friday afternoon, so your wife doesn’t have to worry about it over the weekend…that my friends even beats vacuuming!

Now that’s embarassing

February 9, 2008

I sit on an exercise ball at my desk at school. I’ve done this for at least eight months now because I found in my chair I was slouching on my left elbow whenever I used the mouse. I’ve gotten lots of looks, comments and questions about the ball, but for those of you who don’t know me, I’m different and don’t really care what you think about it so I liked my ball and people were always very polite about it. The other day it popped. well I was sitting on it. Thankfully no one was in my immediate office to see, but the guy next door came over to see if what the noise was (from the ball not me, I didn’t have time to make any noise because as I was wondering what the noise was, my ass was hitting the floor). He was very polite (I don’t know how, but he didn’t laugh) and concerned that me and baby were alright, I told him we were fine as my face flamed red. I told my husband about it and he laughed, then said sorry and asked if I was alright, ahhh…the beauty that is marriage.