Come On Summer….

June 6, 2009

In an attempt to coax summer from the coasts to the prairies I’m hosting a summer give away. To be entered all you have to do is a leave a comment on your favorite part about summer. Since one of my favorite things about summer is ice cream, that is what is up for grabs. Since it’s tricky to mail actual ice cream the winner (who will be picked at random) will be mailed a $20 gift card to Dairy Queen…Mmmm Blizzards…..

ETA: contest closes on Friday 12 June 09


And the Winners Are….

September 26, 2008

Any guesses? Yeah, not too complicated… two winners… two commments…it looks like Megan and Maegan will be two stylin’ little girls with their faux baby legs. Congrats to Eva and Jenn for winning the Fall Freebie.

Fall Freebie

September 19, 2008

We woke up to single digit temperatures today and fall is definitely in the air. I thought I’d celebrate by offering my second ever give away. What’s up for grabs you might ask? Well they are made be me faux babylegs to keep those little ankles warm and socks firmly in place as winter approaches (we used Isaac’s today for the first time and they are awesome…if I do say so myself).

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

All you need to do to play is leave a comment about you favorite thing about fall and I will randomly chose two (yep, all the kneehighs I can buy around here come in packs of two) lucky winners who will each get one pair of legwarmers for their little one. Again to not exclude those who don’t have kids if you win and don’t have kids I can give you the leggs anyways (they make great arm warmers for the runners and walkers out there) or I’ll make you some hankies or cloth wipes for around the home…you choose.

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

To get the ball rolling my favorite thing about fall is the smell in the woods. You know the one I mean? Of overripe berries and turning leaves. And in Ontario I’m digging the lack of humidity.

Edited to add the draw will be made next Friday

I’ve been so busy keeping busy with my mom (and not thinking about my impending due date) that I haven’t been keeping up with my blogging. Just a quick note to announce my first ever give away! For those that are unaware I am due June 15 with my first child; my husband thinks it’s a girl, I think it’s a boy. I’m offering up a handmade soaker or pair of sweater pants (both made from recycled wool sweaters) to the comment that guesses the correct sex of the baby and the closest to the actual delivery date. For those of you who don’t cloth diaper the soaker or longies (sweater pants) would look darling over a disposable diaper too, and so as not to exclude anyone, if you don’t have little ones you can request a dozen hankies instead. It’s pretty easy leave me a comment with your guess of sex and a delivery date, correct sex and closest date wins (be sure to leave an e-mail address or e-mail me with your address so I can get back to you). After I’ve had the baby and a respectable time has passed (give me a week maybe) I’ll contact the winner and you can tell me if you want a soaker (short pants), pants, or some hankies or cloth wipes. If you want the soaker or pants you’ll just have to send me the measurements for pants that currently fit your little one and I’ll whip up a pair and send them your way.