What else is new?

April 19, 2010


my usual size, small box

That’s Fresh Option Organic Delivery

That’s right. Organic, local focused fresh fruits and veggies DELIVERED to my door weekly.

Here is a small exert from their website:

Fresh Option wants to simplify your options for accessing a sustainable food system.  We gather for you foods you can trust and feel good about.  Organic, local, fair trade, and vegetarian:  whole fresh foods produced by real people we know on Manitoban small-scale farms when possible.
It’s easy and fun. I can see what I’m getting for the week online on Friday and it’s delivered Tue nights. It has helped to break our food rut as we don’t pick and choose what we get each week (although we could if we wanted too). So far new things I’ve tried and have never bought on my own are kale, rainbow chard, and this week fiddle-heads. It’s also brought me back to things I like but never bought (for some unknown reason, likely habit) such as oranges, apples and pears. The variety is nice and the convenience can’t be beat. We can even cancel the weeks we’re away and get large orders when we’re having company.

The medium box we ordered for the week we had company