I love October

October 26, 2008

And not only because it’s my birth month. Because of Halloween it is the easiest month to come up with cheap ideas of stuff Bobbie-Jo and I can do together. We’ve already visited the haunted Fort Fright, made this project for her front door and we’re going to make Halloween sugar cookies on Monday (it’s a pro-D day and there is no school) and carve our pumpkins on Tuesday.


When picking up our new to us nursery furniture I came across a used glider that looked nice, but it was blue. I convinced Jason that if we liked the glider we could pick it up and I could refinish it. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I told him with confidence…it would be no problem; then I made him come with me to Walmart (I know, I know, but sometimes that’s where I can get the fabric I really want) to pick out an acceptable fabric (he has better taste than me in furniture). So here are some pics of said glider:




we’re pretty happy with how it turned out…now hopefully the chosen material will with stand the use it will see in the near future. On the bright side, I already know it wipes clean pretty easily and I pricked my finger with sewing the back cushion and bled all over the darn thing. Stay tuned for more nursery pics coming soon.

BTW…no baby yet, so the no baby give away is still open, just leave a comment with your guess of sex and birthday for Baby T and we’ll see who is closest.

nesting much?

May 30, 2008

Okay so the diapers still aren’t washed and the bag is only half packed but I have completed some more receiving blankets (in lovely light linen for my June baby) and finally finished the wall hangings for the nursery:

Now the parrot (yes that scary one you didn’t know what it was is a parrot) didn’t turn out as cute as the picture I used as a model but all in all I’m pretty pleased…now if we can only get around to hanging them this weekend…


April 15, 2008

Since I’m writing the final report that will count towards my degree I decided I should spend the weekend sewing. I found a ‘hippie mama’ diaper bag pattern on line at


It’s just a little bag, designed for a breast feeding cloth diapering family. I modified the pattern slightly adding a couple of inner pockets and using only one magnetic closure instead of velcro. Here are the results

Closed Bag

open bag (I’m especially proud of the elastic in the front pocket)

lined with extra pockets

Wearing the bag…I really wanted to make it adjustable in length, but I didn’t have the right sized ‘slider thing’ so I just made it long (so I could use it with baby in a wrap). I love the zipper pocket on the strap, this is were I keep my wallet since none of the other pockets are really secure.

Yeah, this is a month late; but believe it or not it took me this long to get all the photos on my computer 🙂

My little sister (through a community program) B.J and I coloured eggs last week in preparation for Easter. first we started with an easter egg hunt where she had to find a dozen coloured plastic eggs throughout the main floor of my house.

Don’t ask how the pineapple fits in, seemed like a good idea at the time (we always have fun)

Most of the eggs held candy, but one of them had her gift from our trip to Florida

(excuse the fuzzy pics, the camera was on the wrong setting, they get better)

Then we got on to the real work