April 29, 2010

I should be sleeping, but Sadie is so darn cute asleep in her swing that I don’t want to wake her and I don’t want to sleep on the couch so I thought I’d blog instead.

I am constantly on Jason’s case about his need for instant gratification when it comes to new gear and gadgets. He gets an idea in his head and decides he wants something; this quickly turns in to a need and one that must be filled instantly. I am currently trying to convince him that he doesn’t need a set of custom made golf clubs (thanks Francois for planting that seed).

When I decide I want something, I usually have the cash saved from my ‘allowance’ or petty cash. But I’m just as bad as Jason when I decide I want something I want it now. I think the only reason I do better with the whole paying for it up front is I don’t start looking or really lusting for something until I have the cash to pay for it.  Also, it helps that I have very few things that I want for me. I don’t shop for clothes, I don’t really wear jewelry, and we bought all our skookum camping and climbing gear when we were single/dating with no mortgage so we’re pretty set there. Where I become a complete and total hypocrite is when I want something for my kids.

Evidence to this fact is the Phil and Ted’s stroller that I decided I wanted before we were even pregnant, or the carriers that I HAD to have and bought before Isaac was even born. Or how about the wooden blocks* I obsessed over for months before Jason just told me to order the darn things. Or the bike** Isaac will get for his second birthday that we’ve had in storage since we lived in Kingston (we’ve been in Winnipeg for over a year people).

More recent examples would be the train table * I just had to buy for Isaac (and give him for no reason what so ever, man this kid is spoiled), or the mp3 player ** I just ordered for him on line so I can (hopefully) stop playing the wheels on the bus on you tube for him ad nauseam.

So this is me the hypocrite hoping my husband doesn’t use this as an excuse to buy golf clubs on the weekend.

* Totally worth it BTW, all great toys that he has used and loved

** My hopes are high that these will be just as popular as the first toys


3 Responses to “Hypocrite”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Don’t worry Jackie! You are not the only hyprocrite out there 🙂 And for the record – Isaac will L.O.V.E. the bike! Nate’s isn’t the wooden version, but he adores the one he got for Christmas. He rode it in circles in the basement all winter and now can’t get enough of riding outside. And I am in awe of his balance!! He can already ride and balance with his feet of the ground for a good 15-20 ft!

    And I have been oogling train tables too…but have so far been able to resist 🙂 I did however buy a new wrap for baby #2 that I probably didn’t *need*…

  2. Leslie Says:

    I want one of those balance bikes too. You should check out this site. The ship to Canada for free and have amazing selection and prices:
    For example the Skuut is $94 there! I know you already have it and I might just be feeding your shopping habit for your kids but still a deal’s a deal!

  3. eva Says:

    Uh…I’d leave a longer comment but am rushing off to buy that MP3 player for Megan now, gotta go!

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