Celebrate the little things

April 14, 2010

Forget the fact that Isaac has an awesome tantrum at least three time a day and is currently upstairs talking to his toys instead of napping, thus meaning at least one more tantrum today. Ignore the seemingly gallons of baby puke and associate laundry. Instead celebrate the little things:

  • Isaac humming to himself as I sing his goodnight song
  • snuggling with sweet Sadie
  • going for a walk with both kids in the prairie sunshine
  • getting to have a bath (even a short one)
  • accomplishing at least one of my goals each day
  • playing in the sandbox
  • the fact that Isaac has pooped in the potty at least once a day this week, all in the name of chocolate
  • the fact that I haven’t had to get in my car and drive anywhere since Monday, but that the option is there if I want to take the kids somewhere

Life is pretty good. The house is a disaster and there are some trying  moments, but I think this is just going to get more and more enjoyable as the year passes.

Sadie on one of her new blankies

Isaac playing at his sand table

throwing a tantrum because he wants to go outside

off to the park


3 Responses to “Celebrate the little things”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Great perspective Jackie!! Isaac is just too cute 🙂 And don’t worry – as he gets more able to communicate his needs/wants and understand yours, the tantrums do subside a bit (or at least they become more manageable when they do happen!)

    Love the pic of him in his hat, boots and backpack headed to the park. Reminds me soooo much of Nate!

  2. eva Says:

    Thanx for the pics – I love the one of suddenly-preschool-looking Isaac heading off to the park in his jester hat. Pooping in the potty before even turning two? Amazing!

  3. Leslie Says:

    Ahhh Tantrums! Glad to hear we are not the only ones. Right now Grady does things on purpose so he can be mad about it. For example ask to be held…get down by own accord…be mad about being down.
    At least you’ve got Sadie to sweeten up your day:D

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