out numbered

April 13, 2010

Jason left on Sunday and is away on a military course in Ontario. He will be gone for 12 weeks.
I decided to keep Isaac in day care one day a week while Jay is gone, just to give me a chance to run errands without an almost two once a week.
We’re also planning to break up the no-Papa time with a visit from my Grandma and some traveling to Saskatchewan and Alberta. You know, just to keep the kids on their toes and break any routine I might establish in the next three weeks.
Anyhow, so far so good. We’re all still clean(ish), fed and clothed. The laundry is done and the vacuuming can wait until tomorrow 😉


One Response to “out numbered”

  1. eva Says:

    You are my hero, travelling with two kids under two! Keep us posted on how THAT whole things goes!

    Oh and where are Sadie and Isaac pics? No pressure, but we’d love to see some!

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