April 29, 2010

I should be sleeping, but Sadie is so darn cute asleep in her swing that I don’t want to wake her and I don’t want to sleep on the couch so I thought I’d blog instead.

I am constantly on Jason’s case about his need for instant gratification when it comes to new gear and gadgets. He gets an idea in his head and decides he wants something; this quickly turns in to a need and one that must be filled instantly. I am currently trying to convince him that he doesn’t need a set of custom made golf clubs (thanks Francois for planting that seed).

When I decide I want something, I usually have the cash saved from my ‘allowance’ or petty cash. But I’m just as bad as Jason when I decide I want something I want it now. I think the only reason I do better with the whole paying for it up front is I don’t start looking or really lusting for something until I have the cash to pay for it.  Also, it helps that I have very few things that I want for me. I don’t shop for clothes, I don’t really wear jewelry, and we bought all our skookum camping and climbing gear when we were single/dating with no mortgage so we’re pretty set there. Where I become a complete and total hypocrite is when I want something for my kids.

Evidence to this fact is the Phil and Ted’s stroller that I decided I wanted before we were even pregnant, or the carriers that I HAD to have and bought before Isaac was even born. Or how about the wooden blocks* I obsessed over for months before Jason just told me to order the darn things. Or the bike** Isaac will get for his second birthday that we’ve had in storage since we lived in Kingston (we’ve been in Winnipeg for over a year people).

More recent examples would be the train table * I just had to buy for Isaac (and give him for no reason what so ever, man this kid is spoiled), or the mp3 player ** I just ordered for him on line so I can (hopefully) stop playing the wheels on the bus on you tube for him ad nauseam.

So this is me the hypocrite hoping my husband doesn’t use this as an excuse to buy golf clubs on the weekend.

* Totally worth it BTW, all great toys that he has used and loved

** My hopes are high that these will be just as popular as the first toys


What else is new?

April 19, 2010


my usual size, small box

That’s Fresh Option Organic Delivery

That’s right. Organic, local focused fresh fruits and veggies DELIVERED to my door weekly.

Here is a small exert from their website:

Fresh Option wants to simplify your options for accessing a sustainable food system.  We gather for you foods you can trust and feel good about.  Organic, local, fair trade, and vegetarian:  whole fresh foods produced by real people we know on Manitoban small-scale farms when possible.
It’s easy and fun. I can see what I’m getting for the week online on Friday and it’s delivered Tue nights. It has helped to break our food rut as we don’t pick and choose what we get each week (although we could if we wanted too). So far new things I’ve tried and have never bought on my own are kale, rainbow chard, and this week fiddle-heads. It’s also brought me back to things I like but never bought (for some unknown reason, likely habit) such as oranges, apples and pears. The variety is nice and the convenience can’t be beat. We can even cancel the weeks we’re away and get large orders when we’re having company.

The medium box we ordered for the week we had company

Nobody’s Fool

April 17, 2010

Isaac is nobody’s fool.

We’re not potty training per se, but Isaac is pretty obvious when he is pooping or needs to poop and tends to prefer privacy. When my mother in law was here, she was putting him to bed and he went into his closet and said ‘bye’; he soiled his diaper. She said something to the effect that if she’d had the potty in the closet, she probably could have had him poop on it.

I’ve tried asking in the past when he was headed to one of his usual privacy haunts if he wanted to try pooping on the potty and the answer was always no. Anyhow the other day, inspired by what Trudy had said I asked him if he wanted to try pooping on his potty in the closet, to my surprise he said yes.

I was even more surprised when he actually went. In true toddler fashion so was he and there was a lot of concern and ‘uh oh’ going on. I cheered, I congratulated, he said ‘no, no, no’. I offered chocolate and it all turned around.

Since then he’s pooped on the potty at least once a day. This morning he also learned that peeing gets you chocolate too. So this evening he peed, demanded his reward, let me put on his diaper and p.j’s then asked to use the potty again, less than a minute later. He pooped and got another chocolate.

Somehow I think I got played.

Forget the fact that Isaac has an awesome tantrum at least three time a day and is currently upstairs talking to his toys instead of napping, thus meaning at least one more tantrum today. Ignore the seemingly gallons of baby puke and associate laundry. Instead celebrate the little things:

  • Isaac humming to himself as I sing his goodnight song
  • snuggling with sweet Sadie
  • going for a walk with both kids in the prairie sunshine
  • getting to have a bath (even a short one)
  • accomplishing at least one of my goals each day
  • playing in the sandbox
  • the fact that Isaac has pooped in the potty at least once a day this week, all in the name of chocolate
  • the fact that I haven’t had to get in my car and drive anywhere since Monday, but that the option is there if I want to take the kids somewhere

Life is pretty good. The house is a disaster and there are some trying  moments, but I think this is just going to get more and more enjoyable as the year passes.

Sadie on one of her new blankies

Isaac playing at his sand table

throwing a tantrum because he wants to go outside

off to the park

out numbered

April 13, 2010

Jason left on Sunday and is away on a military course in Ontario. He will be gone for 12 weeks.
I decided to keep Isaac in day care one day a week while Jay is gone, just to give me a chance to run errands without an almost two once a week.
We’re also planning to break up the no-Papa time with a visit from my Grandma and some traveling to Saskatchewan and Alberta. You know, just to keep the kids on their toes and break any routine I might establish in the next three weeks.
Anyhow, so far so good. We’re all still clean(ish), fed and clothed. The laundry is done and the vacuuming can wait until tomorrow 😉

Colouring Eggs

April 5, 2010

Isaac and I coloured eggs on Friday

He didn't want to wear a coverall bib so I made him take his shirt off

Isaac found the toss and drop method much more artisitcaly fulfilling than the egg dipper

once we were finished he asked and signed for more, so we dyed each egg two or three times

we learned eggs are fragile (thank goodness they were hard boiled)

the finished product

Slow Down

April 4, 2010

I can’t believe Sadie is already one month old! With Jason’s departure fast approaching I find myself trying to figure out how exactly I’m going to keep the three of us fed, clean and clothed without an extra set of hands around at night. I have gotten use to having my evenings mostly free after Isaac goes to bed (it took us well over a year to get to this point as all my  ‘poor me, my kid doesn’t sleep’ posts can attest to, and frankly I kind of enjoyed the me time).

Now, Sadie still sleeps well, but she’s gotten to enjoy being held while she sleeps downstairs and tends to wake up after 15 – 30 min if I lay her down on her change pad in the living room. I have so many things that I want to get done (like Sadie’s birth announcements, cleaning the kitchen, dealing with the diapers…etc.) that I find myself wishing she’d just stay asleep so I could get some things accomplished.  But I need to remind myself that they are only young once (this too shall pass) and my only real job/responsibility for the next year is to tend to my children. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get to the kitchen right away or if I can’t go on the computer for a day or two. I need to slow down and enjoy my time with the kids. The world will not end if we only bath every other day, but I can make Isaac’s day by taking a walk to the park or Sadie’s by snuggling for those extra 15 -20 min before I set her in her swing so that I can feed the dog and use the washroom.

I need to slow down and take the time to enjoy and be grateful for it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Just 'cause she's so cute

Enjoying the little things

P.S  I still thank my lucky stars that this little girl is only only up two to three times a night