Sadie’s Birth Story

March 21, 2010

A friend from work had thrown me a surprise baby shower on Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun and totally unexpected. We got home late and got Isaac to bed with a lot less hassle than anticipated. Jason wasn’t feeling well and got sick, he decided to sleep in the big boy room in case it was the flu since he didn’t want to get me sick.

I woke up at around 1h40 with a contraction but thought it was just Braxton-Hicks and a sore back so I went back to sleep. I was up again about an hour later, but told myself it was nothing. I tried to convince myself that it was just B-H and I was not in labour; I felt I was not ready to have the baby yet as I still had things I wanted to get done before he/she came.

By 3h00 I was out of bed and googleing false vs. real labour. With Isaac it was obvious because my water broke with a little gush before labour started then gushed with each contraction. With Sadie, she was so low that once my water broke (still no idea when it happened) it was just a little trickle and not obvious, even during contractions. I tried to convince myself I could wait and we could go to the hospital after dropping Isaac off at day care at 7h00.

By 3h30 I figured I better wake Jason up. I checked to make sure he was feeling better (if not I would have taken my mom to the hospital since I didn’t think he’d be much help if he was puking through it all). He said he was feeling better so we woke mom up and took Isaac’s monitor downstairs so she could get him ready in the morning when he got up.

We’d done nothing to prepare the night before so I packed Isaac’s lunch and day care bag while Jason got ready. We left the house around 4h00 and got to the hospital about 15 – 2o min later. We hadn’t done the ‘tour’ this time so we were a little confused about where to go and where to park, but we figured it out and it must have been obvious why we were there because the emerg guy pointed us to the triage on the third floor and the security guard barley looked up as he gave directions to the elevator and where to go on the third floor, it was very helpful and kind of funny. By this time the contractions were about 5  min apart.

It took forever to check in (not at all helped by the fact that I had no health care card or id on me; note to self, next time add wallet to the list of things to bring to the hospital). Once we finally got a corner in the triage room no one was taking us very seriously. As soon as they heard 5 min apart they kind of blew us off. I told the nurse that last time I was 8 cm when I got the hospital and 10 cm not two minutes later and my son was born with in the hour; not sure she was really listening. She tried waiting until I was between contractions to take my blood pressure, but they were right on top of each other. I didn’t want to sit or lie down during contractions again this time so she tried to set up the mobile monitor to check on baby. We could hear the heart beat, but it wasn’t printing. She fiddled with it for a moment or two, but gave up confident with what she heard. I told her I thought I was 6 – 8 cm based on last pregnancy. She decided to check me and said I was at 5 cm but that the cervix was paper thin. She went to page the doctor. several minutes passed and I could no longer stand and was sitting on the end of the bed. Jason told her we’d better get moving, and she said she was waiting for the doctor to call back. The phone rang and we were sure it would be the dr, but she asked the caller to call her back. Less than a minute later I had to push, which I announced loudly through the curtain to everyone on the triage floor.

The nurse came in and asked if I could walk. When I asked how far it was she decided it might be better for her to wheel me on the stretcher. The labour delivery room was right around the corner and we got there very quickly. Incidentally it was room number six; six is both my lucky number and the number of the room that Isaac was delivered in in Kingston.

The nurse asked if I could move off the stretcher and on to the bed, Jason said I was pretty clear with a no. I asked if I could push yet, as soon as she said yes I gave a big push then she told me to give a gentle push. Sadie was right there and she wanted to check the neck for the cord before I pushed again. Then she told me to give one more push and there was our new baby girl, born at 5:10; a very short labour.  The doctor arrived to deliver the placenta.

I was surprised that she was a girl since I was so sure I was having a boy.  The pregnancy was so similar to the first that I was sure it was another boy. Although, next time I should listen to my sub-conscious (and the rest of the world) as I had three dreams that I was having a baby girl and 90% of everyone asked thought I was having a girl. It was a pleasant surprise though as I loved our girl name and names never seem to last until the next kid.

That is how we met our beautiful princess Sadie and we couldn’t be happier (although there are times when I’m sure Isaac wishes she’d go back to where she came from ;).

BTW since names never make it to the next kid anyways, if she had  been a boy she was going to be named Aaron Jacob.


2 Responses to “Sadie’s Birth Story”

  1. Jen Says:

    Wow!! Great story Jackie! Crazy how fast she arrived! At least you didn’t have to spend hours waiting around the hospital! LOL

    Hope you guys are doing well and settling in to new routines. How is Isaac really adjusting? I totally waiver between worrying about Nate and thinking he’ll be totally fine with a new baby in the house!

    I really love her name, although for the record I kind of thought you were having a boy!

  2. eva Says:

    I also thought boy so girl was an awesome surprise!! What a great, inspiring story of fast labour…love that the doc basically showed up to deliver the placenta, you had taken care of everything else:)

    I am looking forward to hearing about how things are going, how everyone is adjusting, how it’s different/the same with #2 …. everything really!

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