More On Table Manners

February 25, 2010

Isaac decided that he wanted to eat at his table instead of at the big table with Mama (Papa was at work or he would have never indulged the little man this much)

Starting out fine

Using his fork properly

He wanted to switch chairs

Who needs a fork?

Mmmmm MEAT (one of his very clear words)

you need to pick your battles, at least he's eating and look he's even using his fork

….Ummmm…Yeah….table manners, we’re still working on that.


2 Responses to “More On Table Manners”

  1. Jen Says:

    He eats meat??? Nate and Isaac need to have a chat 🙂 I think table manners are highly overrated anyway! LOL

  2. Leslie Says:

    Way go on all that independant eating Isaac!

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