Yet another new skill

January 24, 2010

we (finally) have a pretty consistent bedtime routine with Isaac. Once he announces he’ s ‘done’ with dinner, he is allowed to go play or dance while we finish our supper. Then we ask him if he wants his yogurt in the tub, and he goes to the fridge to pick it out. Then we head up stairs (with Bailey, of course) say ‘night,night’ to the dog and close the bedroom door. Then I draw his bath; sometimes he watches and fills his bucket from the tap to dump into the tub, other times he looks at his books while I run the water.

If there is no towel in the bathroom I’ll go and get on as the water runs, Isaac has tried before but was (as of yet) not able to get into the tub by himself and the linen closet is right next to his bedroom door and I can hear him and am only seconds away. Anyhow, the other night I was out getting a towel and I could hear him playing in the water, I assumed he filling and dumping his bucket or talking to his tub toys, so while he was engaged I got out his p.js and clean diaper. I walked into the bathroom to turn off the water and this is what I saw:


Hamming it up for the camera; it didn't help that Mama and Papa couldn't stop laughing

It never occurred to me, but when he usually tries to climb into the tub, he is still wearing his socks and shoes (he wear shoes all the time at the sitters to keep his socks in place). Part of our bath routine is that he sits and takes his shoes and socks off for me, but I need to get the shoes past his heels so he can do this. This was taken on a weekend and Isaac had bare feet, so of course he had no trouble getting into the tub. I no longer leave the bathroom when the tub is running unless Isaac is with me.


2 Responses to “Yet another new skill”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I love the pictures. It is not too hard to beleive that you and Jason could not stop laughing. I am sure Isaac now thinks that this is the best ever!!!! He is still so blonde! He is super cute!
    I really don’t think Maegan can climb into our tub….but due to your experience I will be diligent and not leave it to chance. Maegan is not nearly as “adventureous” as Isaac, she is afraid to climb on anything lately. Something must have happened under Daddy’s watch….

  2. eva Says:

    That’s hilarious! The crazy things a toddler will do never cease to amaze me:)

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