Yet another new skill

January 24, 2010

we (finally) have a pretty consistent bedtime routine with Isaac. Once he announces he’ s ‘done’ with dinner, he is allowed to go play or dance while we finish our supper. Then we ask him if he wants his yogurt in the tub, and he goes to the fridge to pick it out. Then we head up stairs (with Bailey, of course) say ‘night,night’ to the dog and close the bedroom door. Then I draw his bath; sometimes he watches and fills his bucket from the tap to dump into the tub, other times he looks at his books while I run the water.

If there is no towel in the bathroom I’ll go and get on as the water runs, Isaac has tried before but was (as of yet) not able to get into the tub by himself and the linen closet is right next to his bedroom door and I can hear him and am only seconds away. Anyhow, the other night I was out getting a towel and I could hear him playing in the water, I assumed he filling and dumping his bucket or talking to his tub toys, so while he was engaged I got out his p.js and clean diaper. I walked into the bathroom to turn off the water and this is what I saw:


Hamming it up for the camera; it didn't help that Mama and Papa couldn't stop laughing

It never occurred to me, but when he usually tries to climb into the tub, he is still wearing his socks and shoes (he wear shoes all the time at the sitters to keep his socks in place). Part of our bath routine is that he sits and takes his shoes and socks off for me, but I need to get the shoes past his heels so he can do this. This was taken on a weekend and Isaac had bare feet, so of course he had no trouble getting into the tub. I no longer leave the bathroom when the tub is running unless Isaac is with me.


Belly Pic

January 24, 2010

As promised here is a 33 wk belly pic (please excuse the hair, but I live in Winnipeg and toques/hat hair are just part of life for half of the year)

33 wks

33 weeks

January 22, 2010

Really has it been that long already!?! Are we really going to meet this baby in seven (give or take) short weeks? We are working on names and bantering a couple back and forth. We recently struck one boys name off the list though as I realized it would just be cruel to name a boy Ash Towle (that last name is pronounced ‘toll’; that’s right sound it out and you’ll see why)

Only in the past few weeks has it really started to dawn on me that I will be at home with TWO kids for a year. I mean really we were just starting to get the hang of this one kid arrangement; what were we thinking? Then I get a little (or not so little) kick in the ribs or punch to the kidneys and think ‘oh yeah, baby; that’s what we were thinking’. Then Isaac will do something that just floors us, like picking up a new word or mimicking something that we didn’t even know he noticed or just give one of the biggest best hugs ever, and I remember why it is so easy to say, yeah, kids are great, lets have another one.

I’m sure there will be trying days (and nights) in the months ahead, but I know there will be many perfect, magical moments too; and they just make it all worth it. So in a few short months when I’m whining about no sleep, constant nursing and toddler tantrums, just remind me that this too shall pass. New belly pic to come when I get organized enough to take a photo and unload it.

Felt Food

January 6, 2010

Here are some pictures of the felt play food I made for Christmas gifts. I had all sorts of ambitions (sandwich, pie, cake, sushi…)  but ran out of time. Instead I decided to go for tea party finger foods.

Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies

apple slices


orange slices


Belly Pics

January 6, 2010

Here are some belly pics from this time around. So far all is well. This little one is a mover and a shaker and way more active in utero than I remember Isaac being.

12 weeks

16 wks

20 wks

25 wks