Play silks

December 5, 2009

I decided to make some play silks for Isaac for Christmas.

“Psst. Have you heard about playsilks? Playsilks are one of the most open-ended, imaginative “toys” available.   Our children use playsilks as dresses, scarves, hats, veils, skirts, shirts, belts, baby doll blankets and slings, streamers, flags, stretchers, handcuffs, peek-a-boo blankets, props for dancing, forts, tents and houses.”

I ordered some ‘blanks’ from the Dharma Trading Company. I bought 6 of the white 35″ x 35″, 2 of the 44″ x 44″, and one black 21.5″ x 21.5″ (they were out of stock of the larger sizes in black at the time); all 8mm Habotai scarves. I also got one 8″ x 52″ scarf free with my order as a  new customer bonus.

blank silks

I used this tutorial to dye the silks with wilton cake dye. I bought a four pack of primary colours (sky blue, lemon yellow, christmas red, and brown) as well as a royal blue.

using Wilton icing dye

Above are the sky blue and the christmas red…looks promising doesn’t it. I was really happy with the all of the wilton dye except for the red….it just didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. I was looking for a vibrant red (think superman cape) and after the first dye I got this.

more orange than red...and spotty

It was more orange than anything, and the red dye didn’t dissolve as well as the others so it resulted in blotches. I tried to fix it using red food colouring and got 80s neon pink.

so not superman red

I was pretty disappointed. The next day I stopped on my way home and picked up some cherry kool-aid (three packs) and finally got the colour I wanted.

Finally red (with a few light spots)

I used kool-aid to dye the orange scarf and the second red one (tropical punch this time and only two packs, but it was a smaller scarf). Here is the final result. I dyed the dark green one twice to get a more intense colour. I left the brown light, but if I had another scarf I would have made a second one and dyed it twice for a darker hue.  I am pretty pleased and can’t wait to give them to Isaac at Christmas.

the finished results


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