Support Our Troops

November 3, 2009

My car is in the shop at the moment and since Jason is duty tech this week he has to go in way too early to do the daycare drop off. Thus, yesterday I was taking the bus into work for the first time.
Since I was going to work, I was dressed in my uniform. This is only the third time I’ve been out and about in uniform (the first two being an ultrasound at one of the local hospitals and the second the clinic to get Isaac’s flu shot) and I swear from the looks and stares that you’d never guess Winnipeg has a military presence. In Kingston people saw the uniform all the time so no one even batted an eye.
Anyhow, yesterday on my long commute to work I received at least five to ten minutes of attention from a curious 3 year old who asked his mom about a million questions about me. A salute, hand shake and pat on the shoulder from a deaf young man. I also encountered a bus driver who refused to let me pay, and who thank-you me for all our work as I thanked him getting off the bus.
I love my job (most of the time) and I’m proud to wear the uniform, but it’s nice to know that people in my city appreciate all the work men and women in uniform do, even if they don’t always agree with the mission.


2 Responses to “Support Our Troops”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I blogged about the books we read to our kids about Remembrance Day. There are some really great picture books out there on the subject which is great to know. We hope to collect a new one for next year.

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