My son, the statistic.

September 11, 2009

* Thoguht I published this last week

Yep, yesterday Isaac helped feed the statistics of escalator injuries in young children; and he wasn’t even wearing crocs.  We were in the Victoria Airport waiting for our delayed flight when he got his finger stuck in the escalator. He needed stitches so West Jet pulled our bags and told us they’d accomodate us in anyway we needed. We headed to the hospital and he needed four stitches. We got back to airport about five minutes before they started to preboard for the next (and last) flight to Winnipeg for the day. Thankfully, the kind West Jet folk already had our boarding tickets printed and has given them to Trudy (Jason’s mom) who was flying with us. We walked through securtiy and onto the plane. Considering the drama of the day, it went rather smoothly in that we still made it home on Saturday, giving my one full day at home before I head to Nova Scotia for the next three weeks.  Isaac is doing really well and his hand doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much. Only having one usable hand (the other is bandaged right up to keep him for picking at it) has slowed him down a little, but really not that much.

bandaged hand aka 'the club'

bandaged hand aka 'the club'


2 Responses to “My son, the statistic.”

  1. eva Says:

    Poor kid! That looks a lot like the bandaging Megan got at around that age! Good thing toddlers heal so quickly and so perfectly. I hope your 3 weeks away goes by fast:)

  2. theunforgivingminute Says:

    OMG!!! Poor little guy!!
    Glad to hear it isn’t affecting him too badly.

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