May 22, 2009

Fair warning this post rambles

I don’t want to wean Isaac. It never even occurred to me that I’d have to do it so soon. I didn’t even think about the fact that I might have to travel with work. As an air traffic controller I worked shift work, but since I knew I was going to a desk job here in Winnipeg I figured we’d just wean him to a sippy cup for milk during the day and I pump while at work. I figured I could keep feeding him at night and in the morning for as long as he was interested. Then I met my new boss and she said something to the effect of  ‘you’re lucky you caught us, we’re usally not in the office’. It took a few days for it sink in, then I made a follow-up call to see just how much travel might be involved with this new position.  She informed that at the very least there is a three week long course in Sept (location TBD) and maybe a trip to Trenton in July…YIKES July is coming very soon and we are still VERY reliant on breastfeeding over here.

Anyhow, so now I’m struggling with the need to wean him and lack of motivation in the form of desire to wean him. Did that make sense, what I’m trying to say is I’ve been procrastinating. I still feed Isaac before he goes to sleep, then I wake him to feed him before I go to bed and then I feed him at least once if not twice during the night (lately a whole lot more, but lets stay on the topic at hand). Yeah, and in Florida we bought some jarred baby food for him then offered it to him a grand total of once. Now he ate some solids and self fed at all of our meals but that’s not the point; the point is we still rely HEAVILY on the boob over here and I don’t know how to stop.

I know when I’m not around he eats his baby food just fine. He eats at least 6 – 8 ounces of three to four different types of food when he is at Sandra’s for the day. He also drinks expressed milk from his sippy cup for her. So I know when I go he’ll survive, he won’t starve, he won’t die without his mama. But I also know if we don’t start working on this soon, he won’t be very happy and Jason will have a very hard time.

I’m hoping to express and freeze enough milk that Isaac can continue to have it at day care during the day and then at least once before bed (via sippy cup) from Jason while I’m away. I plan to take my pump when I go to keep my milk supply up. I want to be able to keep nursing him.

So aside from the fact that my almost one year old shouldn’t need to get up and feed once or twice a night, what to do you think. Do I need to wean him or can we just get him familiar with the sippy cup and say have Jason put him down to bed two to three nights a week?


2 Responses to “Weaning”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    I hope others have a bit more advice for you Jackie – because I didn’t have to struggle with this too much. My thoughts are this though:

    Isaac will figure it out. Probably quicker than you think. I know he’s not a year yet, so you might not want to start him on cows milk, but have you thought about saving your pumped milk for when you are away for Jason to give him before bed, etc and giving him formula in a sippy during the day? I’m just thinking it might be easier to get into a routine of feeling him at night and in the morning because it’ll likely be easiest for you to pump at those times once you’re back at work and travelling.

    For what it’s worth, Nate and I went quite a while with him only nursing am and pm and getting formula or milk during the day.

    Jason might have a few rough days when you first go away, but he’ll figure it out and they’ll both be fine! It might actually help the night waking, since he’ll quickly get the hint that while there are snuggles and love to be had at 4 am, there is no boobie!

    I know this must be really tough. I think there have been some weaning discussions over at Sorta Crunchy in the past – maybe scroll through Megan’s archives for some ideas.

    Keep us posted on how things are going!!

  2. lisalou Says:

    Oh I can’t believe our babies are almost one!
    I am having the opposit issue over here. Ruby has given up the boob entirely. She cut herself off about 3 weeks ago and I hung on to nursing her in the mornings or in the middle of the night if she woke up until last Friday. Now she’s done with me all together. Sigh.

    Like you, I knew I was going to have to at least partially wean for works sake, and I knew it was going to be soon but I hadn’t started yet. I was excited about freeing the tatas but not about losing my boob.baby connection.

    I think Issac with be A-okay with a sippy or bottle of boobmilk or formula. If you’re like me…You will probably be sappier than he will be. If you want to keep up your supply you can always pump a bit when you’re away and then when you are home you can resume feeding him full time or perhaps just part time. I was going to pump at first to keep supplying Ruby with a bit for now and then…and then I realized I was totally over pumping.

    I think, at this age, as long as our little ones are getting love, snuggles, and enough liquids and nutrients through whatever method works for your family ~ you’ll be good!

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