The Boy Who Cried Wolf

May 21, 2009

Or rather, the first time mom who cried ear infection. I’ve suspected for a few days now that Isaac might have an ear infection. He seems to be pulling on his ear and actually sticking his finger in it. He is fussy and not sleeping well at all. Last night he was absolutely inconsolable on several occasions; he would cry when you put him down then he’d cry and struggle in your arms when you picked him up. Needless to say I wasn’t too surprised to find a message from the sitter today when I got home from grocery shopping. She said he was hot to the touch and hadn’t slept for her at all (this was how we detected the first ear infection since he usually sleeps pretty well at Sandra’s). I made a doctors appointment and was surprised to find that his ears are fine. This following our last trip to Dr. Robinson at the end of the first ear infection to make sure the meds had worked. I think he might just start ignoring my calls soon… oh sure Mrs. B another ear infection…relax lady. Anyhow, our next best guess is molars. We’ll stick with that and keep wuby (his frozen washcloth doll) on constant stand-by for the next couple of days; that and some infant tylenol.

So other than the hypocondriac act on Isaac’s behalf I got a pleasant surprise while grocery shopping today. As I was walking out of the store an employee was there offering free boquets of flowers (left over from Mother’s Day maybe?). It made me smile all the way home.

my flowers

my flowers


2 Responses to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Hey – it never hurts to check! We didn’t when we suspected and Nate ended up with ear infections in both ears, tonsilitis, croup and a bit of pneumonia in one lung!

    Nice flowers!

  2. lisalou Says:

    nice flowers! It’s the little things that make life so magical…

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