Last Minute Hurrah

May 6, 2009

Never ones for a dull moment, Jason and I booked a last minute trip to Florida on Monday and we leave Friday morning (at 06h00, ouch; hopefully Isaac understands when we have to wake him up to get to the airport by 4h00….)
I know, I know you’re thinking you idiot, who books a 06h00 flight with an (almost) 11 month old. Well apparently this idiot does. I’m going to go with it was the only one available at the time, but truth is we were so rushed to get the tickets once we had our resort booked it just happened so fast….
Anyhow we’re going to try our best to avoid the magnetic pull of Disney (you do know Jason and I are just big children right) since we’ve been twice since we’ve gotten married and Isaac is too young to really get excited about it. Instead we’re planning some max relaxing by one of the many pools and checking out some of the parks we’ve never seen since we always run straight for Disney. Seaworld and Busch Gardens (Tampa) have a great Here’s to the Heroes campaign where, as full time members of the Canadian Forces, we get into one park for free one day a year. So we’re planning to check out Seaworld first as I think Isaac will be captivated by the fish. Plus in the event that the parks are just too much for him we didn’t waste over $100 US to stay for only one hour.
If Seaworld goes well we’re going to check out Busch Gardens because they have some fun animals and such we think Isaac will like.
We also plan to hit a waterpark so we can take turns on the big slides. Yep, big kids. Anyhow wish us luck this will be Isaac’s biggest trip yet for new adventures and long flights.


3 Responses to “Last Minute Hurrah”

  1. eva Says:

    Crazy. Good luck! Once the flight is over I’m sure the trip, with all those fish & animals, will be awesome. Have fun!

  2. lisalou Says:

    Have fun! Can’t wait for the photos!

  3. jermangirl Says:

    Hope you have a blast! I’m sure Isaac will have fun!

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