Just wondering…

March 19, 2009

…how many back packs do you own? A conversation with my friend Christine in Feb made me realize that we might have a few more than, well, normal people. Now I’m not talking about that old one with the broken zipper that sits in the spare room closet full of pictures that you’re suppose to do something with, I mean bags that you use* (or could). If you count day packs, hiking packs, and diaper bags I think (and this is just off the top of my head, so I’m probably missing at least one) we have seven. Nine if you count the dog pack (now Bailey’s) and the new carrier we bought last weekend to hike with Isaac.  I don’t even want to talk about sleeping bags….

* Military packs don’t count either


3 Responses to “Just wondering…”

  1. eva Says:

    Fun! I have a 60L and a 50L, along with a daypack. Brad on the other hand has…the fold up daypack, the regular daypack, the 45L, plus a 75L that is also a travel/suitcase thing and another big one (80L?) that is just for trips. And the Happy Trails. And the Ergo. So we “win” right???!!

  2. jermangirl Says:

    Hmmm…let me count. We have one we use for a diaper bag at the sitters, plus the other “out and about” over-the-shoulder diper bag. Dale has his day pack, I have a new over-the-shoulder bag for lugging sports gear and lunch, etc to work. We each have a hiking pack, plus my camera back-pack which gets lots of use! And then the Beco and a Deuter pack for Nate.

    I think among active, working Mom’s, you’re actually pretty normal Jackie! Who would have thought!

  3. Jenn Says:

    2 diaper bags…but both are beautiful!

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