Stuck in Reverse

March 13, 2009

Isaac is VERY interested in becoming mobile, but is just not quite there yet. From sitting one of his feet always gets stuck under his belly (we call it the brake). He can get over it about 50% of the time now and is getting better everyday.  When on his belly he can get onto his hands and knees and rock; but he always drops his hips and starts pushing himself backwards with his hands. I know lots of kids crawl/scoot backwards first; but he hasn’t figured it out yet that he can point his bum in the direction he wants to go, instead he just gets frustrated that he is getting farther and farther away from whatever he was trying to get in the first place.  Here is a shot of him under the table when he was trying to crawl into the kitchen.



4 Responses to “Stuck in Reverse”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    SO cute!! Nate did a lot of backwards scooting too…but only ever ended up where he meant to go by accident and only after about a gazillion circles each going backwards a little bit!

    Isaac will be there before you know it!! He is such a cutie pie 🙂

  2. eva Says:

    Too funny! Megan I don’t think has EVER moved backwards. sigh.

    I bet once Isaac puts two and two together he will have the whole thing figured out quite gracefully due to all the false starts along the way!

  3. Camille Says:

    awww… issac is sooo cute… thats good that he is moving around!

  4. tricia Says:

    honestly he is the most BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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