Contrary to Popular Puppy Beleif…

March 11, 2009

…I do still love my dog. It has been cold here lately, I mean really cold. Too cold to take Isaac out and get Bailey out for a walk; and Jason and I have just been too unorganized to get him out after Jason gets home (when someone can stay in with Isaac) for more than just a brief walk to the postbox and back. Needless to say, Bailey has been pouting.

Today was one of Isaac’s daycare days this week, so I made walking Bailey my top priority. It’s – 21 C and feels like -32 C with the wind (and it is windy here, let me tell you), so we had to dress for the occasion. Bailey had on his boots and his coat (at Jason’s insistence) dsc_0021 And I was layereddsc_0024Yes, those are ski goggles and they are amazing at making dog walking comfortable in sub-zero temperatures. You don’t even feel the wind, it’s awesome.  And just to show you how layered I was, here are some photos of the clothes I was wearing.

two pairs of gloves

two pairs of gloves

the lighter pair were only in case I needed to stoop and scoop (it’s impossible to do with the lobster claws and bare hands just sucks)

a balaclava, scarf, toque and goggles

a balaclava, scarf, toque and goggles

winer boots and gaiters

winter boots and gaiters

down jacket

down jacket

fleece long underwear and a pair of cotton twill pants

fleece long underwear and a pair of cotton twill pants

my favorite fleece long underwear top

my favorite fleece long underwear top

one piece waffle long underwear

one piece waffle long underwear

I think I could have comfortably walked for hours in the back field if I hadn’t been worried about Bailey getting frostbite on his ears or nose.


4 Responses to “Contrary to Popular Puppy Beleif…”

  1. Jen Says:

    Oh Jackie – so NOT missing the cold right now!! We have been having the same issue all winter in Cold Lake! I hate it 😦 I am anxiously waiting for some semblance of Spring to arrive so the need for all the gear pictured above is minimized!

    I need to get me a balaclava though! That looks like it would make a difference! And I just bought a down liner for my shell (on sale at Valhalla in Comox last week!) so that should help too!


  2. eva Says:

    That is an amazing photo-essay reason why I do not live in Winnipeg! You are hard core!

  3. Jenn Says:

    You are the master at great posts. I love the pics of all of the clothes, but mostly, I love Bailey! Marshall and I had the same issues in Moose Jaw, luckily no kids to worry about! I am not complaining about the weather here, it is great! I prefer it to Comox even! Lots of sun!

    I think Bailey is lucky to have a Mommy as great as you!

  4. Camille Says:

    I can fell ur pain when it is super cold out… saskatchewan winters are not the best!!!

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