March 30, 2009

Isaac is all about self feeding. It is messy and he only gets about 10% of the food in his mouth, but I think we can all agree he is not starving, so sometimes it’s fun to just hand over the spoon.


Kids are cruel

March 26, 2009

Why will my sweet little boy eat all four containers of food I send to the sitters and not even open his mouth for me?

Even more importantly, why will he take two and three hour naps at her place, but continue to sleep fitfully if at all at home?

I’ll tell you why…kids are cruel….it’s a darn good thing they are cute!

All Dressed Up

March 26, 2009

One of the pitfalls of being little and non-verbal; your mom gets to dress you. This can at times result in wearing a collared shirt and khakis to a family restaurant where joggers and a onesie would have sufficed.


we had a chocolate easter egg hunt in the house. Only Jason didn’t know there were any eggs and I knew where they were all hidden. Mmmmm Easter Candy.

Upcycled Pants

March 23, 2009

According to Green Living Ottawa:

to upcycle refers to taking objects that are no longer used and reworking them into something new. Upcycling is different from “recycling” because recycling involves breaking something down into its basic materials (grinding up bottles for example) before making something new. In upcycling, while original objects may be somewhat processed, they are still recognisable in the new object. Because processing is minimized in upcycling relative to recycling less energy and materials are wasted.

Since Isaac is a big boy and wears cloth diapers I find it impossible to find pants that fit him so I’ve upcycled him a couple of jogger type pants from old wool sweaters. But my mom got him a cute little collared shirt and he needed a pair of khakis or jeans to wear it with (’cause everyone knows you can’t wear joggers with a collared buttondown). I happened to have a pair of old khakis that were worn out so I made him a little pair of elastic waisted pants. They are a little long, but I did that intentionally so he had room to grow. My favorite part is the little tag I put on the side. I’m really quite pleased with how they turned out, but I wish I’d taken the time to put on a back pocket; it would have been useless but cute.


A Bit of Bragging

March 20, 2009

We’ve been having a pretty rough go around here with sleep lately (thanks to traveling and teething) and sleep learning has essentially been put on hold at nights. We were back to our old routine where Isaac ended up in our bed and spent the night latched (if not nursing), or if I managed to lay him down he was up every hour.
But yesterday was great! He went down for three naps and while he didn’t sleep as long as I’d like (hence the third nap), I did put him down awake all three times and he didn’t scream when I left the room and he fell asleep within 5 – 10 min. Same when I put him down for his first night sleep, he went down awake and didn’t scream. Now he was up three times between 19h00 and 21h00, but all I had to do was rock him back to sleep (still teething, so no tough love yet) then he woke to feed at 22h00, 03h00 and then up for the day at 7h00. It was a refreshing break to say the least.dsc_0058

Just wondering…

March 19, 2009

…how many back packs do you own? A conversation with my friend Christine in Feb made me realize that we might have a few more than, well, normal people. Now I’m not talking about that old one with the broken zipper that sits in the spare room closet full of pictures that you’re suppose to do something with, I mean bags that you use* (or could). If you count day packs, hiking packs, and diaper bags I think (and this is just off the top of my head, so I’m probably missing at least one) we have seven. Nine if you count the dog pack (now Bailey’s) and the new carrier we bought last weekend to hike with Isaac.  I don’t even want to talk about sleeping bags….

* Military packs don’t count either