Vacation Ups and Downs

February 23, 2009

  We must have picked the best week to come to Vancouver Island as there has been sunshine galore and we are reveling in the fact that we can take Isaac out for a walk without worrying about parkas and frostbite. In fact, this mama is having troubles not putting a snowsuit on him, because I just can’t believe he’d be warm enough in a sweater. Thankfully his dad is much more reasonable.  Thankfully it rained today so we were reminded that it’s not always gorgeous around here….of course it’s also never – 40 C, but I digress.

  The crappy part is that somewhere between Winnipeg and Duncan I picked up an (albeit  mild) flu bug and have been feeling under the weather for at least half of our time so far. To make matters worse now our friends in Comox and my in-laws are sick. The only silver lining is that Jason is still feeling well (which I really can’t believe as he ALWAYS gets sick) and Isaac doesn’t seem to have been affected.

Anyhow I seem to be on the mend and can thankfully help nurse Jay’s parents back to health before we leave on Tue. It’s really not fair thought, that they aren’t feeling up to playing for the last three days that Isaac is here to visit them. Here’s hoping that tomorrow everyone feels better.


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