Sleep Progress Report

February 15, 2009

Night time sleep is going very well. Last night Isaac slept for 11 hours and all four times he woke up he put himself back to sleep in less than 5 minutes with no mommy check-ins required. Naps are still a little bumpy, but from what I’d read I’d expected that. He still hasn’t slept for his third nap once (he gets up to one hour to ‘practice’ (read cry with check in support from mom) for each nap). I’m considering at eight months he just might be a two nap kid and trying to put him down after 15hoo is futile…we’ll see.

Isaac and I are both very groggy as our bodies adjust to actually sleeping again. Now that we’re sleeping long enough to hit the ‘deep’ sleep cycles our bodies are craving that and telling us we just want to sleep. But we’re also both already improving and looking better, and each day are a little less groggy as the fog clears.

Now the real test. We’re off to BC for two weeks (I know Mat Leave is hard work, but someone has to do it). Not sure how this will affect our new found sleep routine, as all I’ve read says that I should go to him and comfort him while we’re travelling as he might honestly be scared and confused when he wakes up. Of one thing I’m certain, we’re going to stick to our schedule (as much as one can on vacation). I think even if we slip (and I think we’ll slip) into some old habits on this trip, we can return home and within a few days be back on track. After all, he’s already learned how to ‘ride the bike’*, if we have to put it away for a few weeks, he won’t forget entirely; he maybe a little wobbly when we return, but he’ll remember again very quickly how to put himself back to sleep.


*shamelessly stolen analogy from ‘the sleepeasy solution’ book.


2 Responses to “Sleep Progress Report”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    So glad that you both coping a little better! I’m sure he’ll be ok after the travelling, we usually find it’s just the first night or two on each end of the trip that shake things up.

    I think Nate transitioned to 2 naps around 7 or 8 months, too. But we also started putting him to bed earlier at that point too.

  2. eva Says:

    If you check out askmoxie, you’ll find out that there is a sleep regression at 8 months, which makes naps very tough for a while. Hang in there because of course it gets waaayy better! Also whenever we have sleep problems, starting several months ago, the next night we put Megan to bed much earlier and it sometimes helps reset the pattern of good sleeping. Good luck!

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