February 9, 2009

So as I’ve mentioned once or twice before I’m a little on the cheap side (frugal you might say to be polite), but I’m not unreasonable. So when we knew we were moving to winnipeg I realized we’d need to get some winter gear for Isaac. I found an awesome vintage MEC snowsuit at a thrift sale in Kingston but when we did our house hunting trip it was apparent that we’d need to get Isaac some mitts, boots and a proper toque with ear flaps. No problem, we hit MEC and bought all of the above, in sizes big enough he should be able wear them next winter too. This worked fine for the first two weeks we were here. The mitts are toddler mitts (since I couldn’t get the infant ones over his cubby little wrists) so they go up to his elbow, but they stay on and they keep his hands warm. The toque has ear flaps and velcro to keep it in place, it works rather well, but can twist to cover his eyes if he moves his head too much. Now the boots, we bought him little down booties that are tiny replicas of the ones we use for slippers around the house. They keep his feet warm enough, but they don’t stay on very well. In true DIY fashion I sewed a string to them so that we wouldn’t loose one if they fell off. This worked fine for walking to and from the car, but was no good for walks since a boot is no good to anyone if it’s not on their foot. So I hit the local consignment shops to see what I could see. I found a few little pairs of boots (like real winter boots) but couldn’t see how they would possibly fit on and stay on his feet. I also saw these Stonz (made in Canada) booties. They were 46.95 a pair, I kept walking.

Then we went on a walk on the weekend to take Bailey to the field and it was no fun. First we didn’t have our Ergo and Isaac wasn’t tied snug enough in the BMT, then he lost a boot, so I untied him and put it back on, tied him back on and he lost the other boot. We went home.

I did a little more research on the Stonz booties and decided I needed a pair for him. I looked for some used ones to no avail, so I called the store where I had seen them new and asked if they were going to go on sale with end of season stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were on sale for 25% off so I went to go get a pair. Of course being end of season the selection was  a little limited but here are the boots I got for him.


Pretty blue flowers for my tough boy!

They are awesome. They go on easy and they stay on. We were skating yesterday and his feet and legs stayed warm and dry.


4 Responses to “Boots!!”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Very cool! Since Nate is walking outside I had to get him a real pair of boots right away. Luckily I found a pair for $4 at the fall consignment sale at the MFRC. But they kept falling off too. Thankfully my babysitter decided to try leaving his Robeez on inside his boots and low and behold – it worked! Now his boots almost never fall off and he can play in the snow as long as he wants! Or until he takes his mitts off and his hands get cold! LOL

    But I am drooling over those pretty chocolate booties…

  2. jackie Says:

    I’m going to have to remember that trick!!!

  3. eva Says:

    I love stonz but was always too cheap too! We bought Megan little croc-type Aussie boots for walking around in snow and rain, and otherwise she wears wool slipper moccasin things inside her snowsuit & stays very warm when we’re out hiking or snowshoeing.

    The down booties from MEC will be improving soon! A friend of mine’s son has been testing out new designs for toddler down booties all winter, so hopefully next winter they will have a version that stays on better:)

  4. theunforgivingminute Says:

    I had seen those boots at a store in Kingston but didn’t pick them up….seen the cost (full price) and kept walking! They are gorgeous though and look super comfy. I was sooo tempted.

    I might just have to do a little roadtrip to see if there are end of season sales in Kingston.

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