Wrapping fun

February 3, 2009

We left our beloved Ergo at the babysitter’s today. While I could easily pick it up tomorrow, I’ve decided to wait until he goes next Monday and work with our much neglected wraps instead. So with Jason at a Moose game (hockey) and a soon to be cranky pants Isaac to entertain I thought we’d try a few new carrying positions before bathtime tonight.

ruck back carry

ruck back carry

Now they’re still a little sloppy, but not bad for first tries. While I was pregnant I just HAD to have some wraps as I loved the idea and still love seeing pictures of babies and toddlers wrapped. But the Ergo is just SO easy that these have fell by the wayside.

hip carry

hip carry

Hopefully with a bit more practice these will become just as comfortable as our Ergo and we’ll reach for them more often.


One Response to “Wrapping fun”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Not bad at all! I am in the same position…I bought my wrap but still always reach for my Beco because it is just so darn easy! I am expecting with number two though I will enjoy a wrap for the first few months, when they want to be all snuggled up and I’ll need my hands free more than I did with Nate.

    I do like the versatility of the hip carry with the wrap though and figure I’ll be using that again come summer time when we’re out and about.

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