Found: Peace of Mind

January 20, 2009

Her name is Sandra and she runs a private daycare out of her home. She has room for Isaac, plus three girls 5 & 4 yr old sisters and a 1 yr old. I think Isaac is going to love it there with all those girls. Plus she is willing to let me introduce him to day care in my weird little way.

In Feb he’ll go Mondays, March: Mon and Wed, April: Mon, Wed, Fri, May: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur; then finally five days a week in June when I return to work. Not to sure how I’m going to fill the time when I’m not working and he is in day care, but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult. Also, when he’s in care and I’m not working I doubt he’ll spend all day there every time.

The point is I feel WAY better about Sandra and her home than the one we had found previously. She has a daily routine and very little tv, one show a day for the older girls if they ask, other wise no tv at all. She does crafts and has a fenced back yard and lives near a park for those not so cold/ buggy days.


One Response to “Found: Peace of Mind”

  1. theunforgivingminute Says:

    Wow that’s great! I really like the no TV policy at least you know that way Isaac isn’t being babysat by the tv.

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