Look What I Can Do…

January 30, 2009

We have to put him up there, but he can stand for over two minutes if the dog doesn’t walk by and distract him.



A word from Isaac

January 29, 2009

Who is dying to type since he can’t lift the computer and put it in his mouth.

// /zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..;
dxAxcc mx,x/.8eddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsxszu`

Let’s hope that first input is an indication of the sleeping he plans to do tonight…hey a mom can hope

Anything for a spare moment

January 28, 2009

Isaac has been fussy and clinging lately, I’m going to blame teething….

During the day I do what I can to entertain him without constantly carrying him around. Here is one attempt at entertaining a fussy 7 month old.

dsc_0579dsc_0580Yep, that’s a washing maching and it entertained him long enough for me to get the kitchen squared away.


January 27, 2009


Found: Peace of Mind

January 20, 2009

Her name is Sandra and she runs a private daycare out of her home. She has room for Isaac, plus three girls 5 & 4 yr old sisters and a 1 yr old. I think Isaac is going to love it there with all those girls. Plus she is willing to let me introduce him to day care in my weird little way.

In Feb he’ll go Mondays, March: Mon and Wed, April: Mon, Wed, Fri, May: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur; then finally five days a week in June when I return to work. Not to sure how I’m going to fill the time when I’m not working and he is in day care, but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult. Also, when he’s in care and I’m not working I doubt he’ll spend all day there every time.

The point is I feel WAY better about Sandra and her home than the one we had found previously. She has a daily routine and very little tv, one show a day for the older girls if they ask, other wise no tv at all. She does crafts and has a fenced back yard and lives near a park for those not so cold/ buggy days.

This….I’m back! We’re sort of moved in and kind of getting settled. I bought a GPS the first week we moved here (yah Christmas money) so I’m not stressing driving in the ‘big’ city at all. My parents came to help watch Isaac as we got settled. It was great and Isaac seems to be settling in nicely.

That…day care. OMG, I don’t want to go back to work. We’ve started looking for daycare for Isaac as he is a huge momma’s boy right now and I think we need some practice before we go full time. He’s actually at day care right now…
I’m not too fussed about the lady we have him with right now so I’m still looking. I dropped him off at nine and the tv was already on…
So since I know some of you have kids in day care now…what questions did you ask and what made you comfortable with the person who spends so much time with your precious little one?

The other thing….a vacuum. We bit the bullet and spent way too much on a vacuum and bought a dyson 14 animal. Only it wasn’t too much as this thing ROCKS…I won’t even tell you how disgusting it was to see the dust it pulled out of the carpets that my dad had just vacuumed with our old one.

Quick Update

January 5, 2009

– we’re all alive and well and had a great Christmas and Holiday Season visiting friends and family
-We’re in winnipeg and got the keys to the house today…the moving van unloads tomorrow and the unpack is scheduled for Wed
-My lovely mother arrives Thursday night to watch Isaac while I sort out the new house
– Jason works for reasonable people and has the week to get settled and cleared-in before hitting work full time
-Isaac continues to grow like a stinkweed
-I still hate disposable diapers
more later…