Disposable Disaster

November 26, 2008

Okay disaster is probably a bit strong of a word, but I think it always feels like a disaster when you’re peeling a poopy sleeper off your kid for the third time in as many days.  Did I mention I hate disposable diapers; they leak. We’ve decided that we’re using disposables while we’re between houses and while we’re on our house hunting trip in Winnipeg, so that adds up to about four weeks (maybe more depending when we get possession of our new house). Did I mention that I hate disposable diapers; they’re expensive. I really wish we could use cloth but without access to a washer/dryer I just don’t think I have time to hit a laundromat everyday while either trying to buy a house (and all the lovely paperwork, inspections, and lawyers meetings that go along with that) in five days or while driving across the country. I thought maybe we could take our cloth with us on vacation, since I did that the first time and had no problems. But unfortunately our house in Kingston is being packed up before we leave on vacation so whatever we take with us we have to drive with and I’m sorry but the Soccer Mom Mobile is only so big when you’re travelling with an infant, a large dog, and all the stuff the movers won’t take. So disposables it is….in preparation I bough a big box of 144 size 3 huggies diapers. I figured 144 would last us two to three weeks and get us through what we needed (at this point I was still deluding myself into thinking we’d use cloth on vacation again). In an effort to help with sleep we decided to try said disposables at night…they worked, but weren’t the solution to our problem. Did I mention I hate disposables; they stink when wet. So I started sneaking cloth back into the night routine and would only but a ‘sposie on later in the night. This lead to Isaac still being in a disposable for his morning poop and we discovered that size 3 (fits 16 – 28 lbs; I disagree) is too small for our big little boy. So after using less than an eighth of the box we had to give it away and buy the next size up (frustration!!!!). Anyhow, Jason put one on him last night after bath and he’s still in in now since he’s still peacefully asleep upstairs. I wasn’t around, but Jay says the new ones fit way better so I’m holding out hope that they will contain poop. Needless to say we will be testing that theory while I still have a home and a washing machine because the back seat of the car is just not where you want to figure that out.


3 Responses to “Disposable Disaster”

  1. jenn Says:

    Sorry for the crazy bad run with disposables…I hope it gets better : > I have my fingers crossed for you and your big trip. Good luck!!!!

  2. eva Says:

    Yuck! I know it’s kind of late for this…but have you considered g-diapers as an in-between disposables and cloth option? The good thing about them is that when you’re back in your own place with a washer and dryer, you can use the cloth covers with your own fitteds or prefolds.
    And yes the diaper sizing is way wrong. Megan is in size 3s and has been for months, but is still a hair UNDER 16 lbs!

  3. jermangirl Says:

    While in principle I agree with Eva’s G-Diaper idea, which is what we decided to do for our move and HHT, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it if you’re hving poppy blow out problems because we ended up not using the uber expensive g-diaper and resorting to plan old expensive, stinky, bad-for-the-environment ‘sposies when Nate went througha bout of diahrrea on the road and blew of out every.single.diaper. All day long. I’m not kidding.

    So I definitely feel you pain and wish you luck! But I would take extra wipes with you. Lots extra!

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