Today’s theory…

November 17, 2008

… is that it is Isaac’s teeth that are waking him at night, when he is transitioning from deep to light sleep. The last two nights he’s gotten up and gone to town on his fingers so we’ve headed down stairs and let him chew on his frozen wubby (washcloth doll) and teether for a while before we try to go back to sleep. He’s started naping twice a day, but only for 45 – 60 min, but at least he’s sleeping…


2 Responses to “Today’s theory…”

  1. jermangirl Says:

    Sounds like a pretty decent theory to me! Nate was napping for about that long at Isaac’s age! Trust me though – the naps get longer šŸ™‚ Nap had two two hours naps today – both of which I had to wake him up from so he’ll actually sleep at a decent hour tonight!

    Hope the teething slows down soon!

  2. Jenn Says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Glad to hear you are getting some daytime napping! It is awesome. Maegan seems to want to nap 4 times a day. It is hard because I don’t really get why she wants that many….oh well. Her teeth too are bugging her, so maybe her and Isaac should get together at night and talk about it! She was very restless last night and the night before. But I don’t feel anymore coming up… maybe she just wanted to party! I am trying not to let her nap too much during the day so she does not rob her night sleep. It is hard to know what is right and what is wrong. Lots of trial and error on my part!

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