Did you say potty?

November 14, 2008

Yes I did mention a potty in that last post and don’t know that I’ve mentioned it before. Before we delve too far onto a new topic though just a quick sleep update, last night I slept for four consecutive hours. Now I don’t know if Isaac slept for them as well or if he just didn’t make enough noise to wake me up; but whatever, four hours is four hours.

So the infant potty. I’m sure most of you have heard of it as either infant pottying or elimination communication (EC). I wouldn’t say we’re really practicing as we do not put Isaac on the potty frequently enough and I have not been looking for ‘i need to potty’ signs. Instead we pop him on the potty after every diaper change, I mean why not he’s already naked from the waist down. Sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn’t (and sometimes he surprises us, but I’m sure you don’t want me to elaborate). The way I figure it if it saves me one diaper I’m that much further from the next load of wash.


One Response to “Did you say potty?”

  1. eva Says:

    Smart! If I have another baby I’m definitely going to try some EC. Not the whole-hog deal, but what you’re doing sounds perfect for ensuring that Isaac (theoretically and hopefully!) won’t ever be freaked out by the potty experience.

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