Disposable Disaster

November 26, 2008

Okay disaster is probably a bit strong of a word, but I think it always feels like a disaster when you’re peeling a poopy sleeper off your kid for the third time in as many days.  Did I mention I hate disposable diapers; they leak. We’ve decided that we’re using disposables while we’re between houses and while we’re on our house hunting trip in Winnipeg, so that adds up to about four weeks (maybe more depending when we get possession of our new house). Did I mention that I hate disposable diapers; they’re expensive. I really wish we could use cloth but without access to a washer/dryer I just don’t think I have time to hit a laundromat everyday while either trying to buy a house (and all the lovely paperwork, inspections, and lawyers meetings that go along with that) in five days or while driving across the country. I thought maybe we could take our cloth with us on vacation, since I did that the first time and had no problems. But unfortunately our house in Kingston is being packed up before we leave on vacation so whatever we take with us we have to drive with and I’m sorry but the Soccer Mom Mobile is only so big when you’re travelling with an infant, a large dog, and all the stuff the movers won’t take. So disposables it is….in preparation I bough a big box of 144 size 3 huggies diapers. I figured 144 would last us two to three weeks and get us through what we needed (at this point I was still deluding myself into thinking we’d use cloth on vacation again). In an effort to help with sleep we decided to try said disposables at night…they worked, but weren’t the solution to our problem. Did I mention I hate disposables; they stink when wet. So I started sneaking cloth back into the night routine and would only but a ‘sposie on later in the night. This lead to Isaac still being in a disposable for his morning poop and we discovered that size 3 (fits 16 – 28 lbs; I disagree) is too small for our big little boy. So after using less than an eighth of the box we had to give it away and buy the next size up (frustration!!!!). Anyhow, Jason put one on him last night after bath and he’s still in in now since he’s still peacefully asleep upstairs. I wasn’t around, but Jay says the new ones fit way better so I’m holding out hope that they will contain poop. Needless to say we will be testing that theory while I still have a home and a washing machine because the back seat of the car is just not where you want to figure that out.


Baby Led Weaning

November 21, 2008

The concept of baby led weaning (BLW) is getting great reception in the UK and starting to pick up steam here in North America. The general idea is that you skip the cereals and purees and go straight to letting baby try to feed themselves. I was going to do a brief intro here, but instead I copied the first paragraph from the second link (Wikipedia):

Baby-led weaning (often also referred to as BLW) is a method of gradually weaning a baby from a milk diet onto solid foods. It allows a baby to control his or her solid food intake by self-feeding from the very beginning of the weaning process.

Infants are offered a range of foods to provide a balanced diet from around 6 months. They often begin by picking up and licking the food, before progressing to eating. Babies typically begin self feeding around 6 months, although some will reach for food as early as 5 months and some will wait until 7 or 8. The intention of this process is that it is tailored to suit each particular baby and their personal development. The 6 month guideline provided by the World Health Organisation is based on research indicating the internal digestive system matures over the period 4-6 months. It seems reasonable to posit that the gut matures in tandem with the baby’s external faculties to self feed.

Initial self-feeding attempts often result in very little food ingested as the baby explores textures and tastes, but the baby will soon start to swallow and digest what is offered. Breastfeeding is continued in conjunction with weaning and milk is always offered before solids in the first 12 months.

This is the route we’ve decided to take with Isaac. It’s not so much that I think the other methods have any fault, it’s just that well I’m lazy and we’re ‘homeless’ for pretty much the entire month of Dec so making purees and freezing them is pretty much out of the question. I know we could just use jars of food, but then you still need to worry about refridgeration after they are opened and that just isn’t always going to be feasible. Of course I’ll continue to breastfeed while we try this. We’ve already tried giving Isaac crackers, red pepper, bread, and pasta noodle. So far all he does is play with it, bring it to his mouth and smush it in his hands, but it keeps him entertained while we’re eating so we’re not complaining.


Today’s theory…

November 17, 2008

… is that it is Isaac’s teeth that are waking him at night, when he is transitioning from deep to light sleep. The last two nights he’s gotten up and gone to town on his fingers so we’ve headed down stairs and let him chew on his frozen wubby (washcloth doll) and teether for a while before we try to go back to sleep. He’s started naping twice a day, but only for 45 – 60 min, but at least he’s sleeping…

Did you say potty?

November 14, 2008

Yes I did mention a potty in that last post and don’t know that I’ve mentioned it before. Before we delve too far onto a new topic though just a quick sleep update, last night I slept for four consecutive hours. Now I don’t know if Isaac slept for them as well or if he just didn’t make enough noise to wake me up; but whatever, four hours is four hours.

So the infant potty. I’m sure most of you have heard of it as either infant pottying or elimination communication (EC). I wouldn’t say we’re really practicing as we do not put Isaac on the potty frequently enough and I have not been looking for ‘i need to potty’ signs. Instead we pop him on the potty after every diaper change, I mean why not he’s already naked from the waist down. Sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn’t (and sometimes he surprises us, but I’m sure you don’t want me to elaborate). The way I figure it if it saves me one diaper I’m that much further from the next load of wash.


November 13, 2008

Please excuse me if this is a little disjointed but frankly I’m exhausted. So tired in fact that I’m starting to do exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do. Those of you who know me in real life know that while I’m definitely a type-A person I am also pretty laid back and don’t get too worked up about much. I tend not to care (too much) about what others think and in general am not too sensitive about comments/ unsolicited advice. But I am getting tired and desperate over here and after casually laughing and joining in on all the comments about my gigantic baby I’m actually starting to worry. It’s been a slow process that has come to fruition after several non-threatening conversations with different sources about Isaac’s eating and sleeping habits. I started to think that maybe I was misreading his signals and feeding at night just so I could get back to sleep. Is it possible I’ve trained my almost five month old to wake up every hour at night for a quick snack? I don’t know. What I do know if that there are several different lines of thought on the subject of feeding and sleep-training and they contradict each other. I also firmly believe that each baby is an individual and what works for you might not work for me and vice versa, but hey I’m willing to try anything at this point, because I’m pretty sure my (not so) little guy doesn’t NEED to eat every hour. I’m not so sure he even needs to eat every two, but so far this has not stopped him from his constant night wakings.  So we’ve made a few changes around here (to no avail yet, but hey give it time) I’ll elaborate and I’m looking for some input here so please feel free to share, even if it’s to tell me to stop nursing and give formula. If I don’t like your advice  I won’t follow it…so maybe I’m not that desperate yet…anyhow…I digress.

Changes/ Compromise

schedule vs. feeding on demand: As my 20 lb baby can attest to, I’ve been feeding on demand since birth. But now I’m not so sure I’m understanding all of his demands and I’m pretty sure he’s not starving or malnourished so I’m moving towards scheduled feeding. Please note that this schedule is rather flexible and during the day exists in the form of distraction/play until he truly demands to be fed or we’ve hit three hours (BTW how often does your average five month old eat?) instead of the old two.

When we’re out and about and busy Isaac can hardly eat at all during the day because he is simply too distracted. When we were at the Science Center last weekend I tried to nurse him three times, but there was too much going on and he was simply not interested. Then on the drive home hunger hit with full force and he insisted we stop so he could nurse.

Night time is a different story…no distractions there. When he was waking two or three times a night I had no problem with it, but now its five or more and he is screaming to beat the band. I don’t know what’s changed, but I’m trying no to feed him EVERY time he wakes up…instead we strap on the old Ergo and walk the hall, sometimes it works and he’s back to sleep within 10 min and sometimes it doesn’t and I nurse. Even when he nurses sometimes it’s for five minutes just to sooth back to sleep and sometimes he actually has a meal (and sometimes I fall asleep so I don’t really know how much he ate or if he was just soothing).

One thing is certain I’ve decided no more nursing lying down (I know I’ve said this before, but I’m sticking with it this time) as I ALWAYS fall asleep and he ALWAYS stays latched and I really don’t want him to decide he should always sleep with a boob in his mouth. (BTW he still refuses to take the bottle and pacifier…much to my dismay)

Disposable diaper at night – this one is killing me and I’m not sure why I’m finding it so hard. I know he is not waking up because he is wet because when we were using cloth at night I would check him (because he couldn’t possibly be hungry again so soon!?!) he would be dry then he’d pee in his potty in an effort to keep him dry longer when I put his diaper back on. The problem was that even though he was dry the process of checking, pottying, and re-diapering was waking him up fully. With ‘sposies I can leave it on him all night and he doesn’t feel wet at all so I don’t even check. I’m confident that this will EVENTUALLY help us once he’s out of the habit of waking every hour.

Where he sleeps– Isaac starts the night in his room but I was having troubles putting him back in his crib he was waking up and it just seemed easier to bring him to bed with me. I now realize I need to wait until he’s in a deeper state of sleep before I try to transition him from my arms to the crib and if my level of consiousness allows I’m trying not to bring him to bed with me until 6h00 in the morning…sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, really seems to depend on how tired I am whether I give up and just sleep with him.

Slowing down – Isaac is still not really napping during the day so I was starting to be concerned about the amount of sleep he was actually getting. I like to be busy and on the move so between swimming, books for babies, power stride, lunch dates, groceries, walking the dog, social walks and errands we were pretty busy. In fact recently it seemed we where having days where Isaac couldn’t nap because everytime he fell asleep I was moving him (i.e he fell asleep in the carrier while getting groceries and woke when I transfered him to the car or vice versa). So while I understand errands still need to be run and food need to be bought I’ve resigned myself to the fact that missing story time because he falls asleep when we should be leaving isn’t going to kill us. So we’re trying to spend a bit more time at home where he can nap when he needs too. That being said, I spent two hours in his room yesterday trying to get him to nap to no avail…..

So that’s where we’re at, not too sure what to do or if any of these changes are going to help, but we’ll give it a try. Thankfully he is still a fun, smiley and playful guy during the day. I know it would be much harder if he cried all the time, so I’m glad he’s generally a happy baby…I just wish he’d learn how to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time.



November 13, 2008

I have at least six wonderful blogs written in my head but I don’t have time to share just yet and I need sleep (but that is a whole other post);  so I will pass on some pics of Isaac as he has discovered his feet. Post on the coat coming soon…promise…dsc_0070dsc_0071

Inappriopriate Puking

November 3, 2008

big boy clothes

big boy clothes

Okay so maybe I’m reaching a bit for a blog topic, but I think it’s kind of funny.

Babies vomit, it’s a fact of life; but sometimes Isaac’s timing is really quite unfortunate so I thought in light of the most recent event I’d share a few incidents:

– His first ever projectile vomit was on the plane on the landing in Comox this summer. I didn’t even know it had happened until the I heard the guy behind me say ‘Dude is that puke?!?’. Isaac had gotten sick between the seats and it had dripped down into a ladies purse that was properly stowed under the seat back in front of her.

– He’s showered our dog Bailey a few times. And I’m not talking about a little spit up here, the poor dog was covered.

– We were getting dressed after a family swim at the pool and he some how managed to drench the inside of my kindercoat and it was still pouring outside. Thankfully Jason was able to cover Isaac with his rain coat so he made it to the car without being totally soaked.

– And the latest and greatest was at our first visit to library group last week. I was about to lay him down so I could put his coat on and he got sick ALL OVER some other kid’s coat. Thankfully I found the mom so I could at least explain and she didn’t find an unexpected surprise when she went to dress her kid.

What is they say about first impressions again? Good thing he’s cute (in my unbiased opinion)