The Difference 5 minutes can make…

October 21, 2008

… we all know time is precious and that there is never enough of it in a day. And I’m pretty sure we’ve all had days where 5 minutes would have  made a world of difference; even if it’s just 5 more minutes of sleep. Today was one of those days, but it had nothing to do with sleep.

Jason is posted to Winnipeg and will move sometime in Dec/Jan time frame, all signs point to me being posted to Winnipeg too, but we don’t have the message in hand yet. Regardless, we’re not that concern as barring any unforeseen high end operational need, I will be posted to the same city as my husband…life is good. Now we need to sell the house. We’ve had three showings so far and due to the nature of real estate and work schedules I’ve had to prepare the house for all of the showings while being the sole caregiver for a 4 month old. All I can say is thank goodness he’s getting better at self entertaining and can actually be put down every once and a while.

We had a showing today, it was suppose to be between 11h00 and 12h00. Usually I just take the dog and babe for a walk but today it was raining cats and dogs so we decided we’d meet Jason downtown for lunch. It was 10h45 and I was 5 minutes from being out the door. I just had to dress Isaac and pop him in the car seat and we would have been gone, not to be seen again until 12h00 (to meet the furnace repair guy because apparently our furnace/AC system is a lemon!). Well the Realtor showed up early, shit…the house was clean, the pets were out, Bailey was safely stowed in the car ready to go. But the baby was wet, half naked and on the kitchen floor. I apologized for not being gone and ran up stairs to grab some clothes for Isaac and a couple of diapers. I had to meet the people looking at the house (I HATE that!!!)  as I grabbed my car keys. I get the car packed and open the garage door to see the Realtor’s Saab totally blocking my way. I run through the options in my head and decide to close the garage door so I don’t have to see them leave. I figure since we’re not going anywhere (as I have NO intention of asking the Realtor to move her car) I should feed Isaac, but in case the people decide to look in the garage I decide the front seat of the car is not a good place. Maybe in the back with Bailey? that way if they do look in the garage they won’t even see us (the back windows are tinted) I open the hatch and remember the dog is wet and smelly because he was out back in the rain. Option two in the back seat…beside the new HUGE car seat. I’m about to step into the car and the garage door opens…I hear the Realtor say ‘oh she’s in here’ I try to tell her she is blocking me but the door closes. Now I’m really stumped on what to do. I’m trapped in my garage with a baby and a smelly dog, it’s pouring out so we can’t just grab the stroller and run since I left in a rush and we don’t have any of our rain gear. I don’t want to feed with the doors open in case they decide to look at the garage just before they leave and the people looking at my house think I’m some sort of freak who is spying on them and pretending to leave because I opened and closed the garage door.

In the end I squeezed into the back and fed Isaac (who is getting cold in just his onsie) and hid like a scared child in a horror movie in constant fear the door to the house would open they’d flick on the lights and get an eye full of infant feeding. I only hope that when they left they had the where-with-all to put two and two together and realize the only reason I didn’t leave was that their car was blocking mine. Needless to say I’m not expecting an offer from this one.

Five more minutes and  I would have been out the door with a dressed child, rain gear in hand and had a nice leisurely lunch with my husband, before returning home to an imacculatley clean house…oh well, nothing to do but laugh…but forgive me if I wait until after I’ve made lunch.


5 Responses to “The Difference 5 minutes can make…”

  1. lisalou Says:

    Why is it that all of life’s little lemons make the best stories? Sorry about your kerfuffle. It would be funny if you did get an offer from those people.

  2. eva Says:

    That is too funny. And I ALWAYS get a kick out of how you military types (I say that in the warmest way possible, thanks for doing your jobs for us, really) use the 2400 clock.

    Oh and even if they’d seen you feeding Isaac, by the time someone gets around to checking out the garage they’ve pretty much decided whether to make an offer or not anyway. I’ve always had the “gut instinct” within seconds of walking into a house. Good luck with the sale though!

  3. Jen Says:

    Can’t believe you’ll be moving so soon! Crazy! I’m sure you still being in the garage wouldn’t deter them if they really liked your house! We looked a house while people were packing up the last of their things in the garage and although I too felt a little awkward, that had nothing to do with why we didn’t pick the house. And we ran into the people who owned the house we did by leaving when we were arriving for our 3rd showing! Talk about awkward…but we loved there house. Oddly enough he was another ATC Capt here in Cold Lake! And everyone Dale works with is curious to see what we’ve done to their previously 80’s inspired basement! LOL

    I hope you get quick sale! And you should never have to feel bad about nursing your babe 🙂 It’s the most natural thing in the world – even in the back of a car parked in your garage on a rainy day with a smelly dog in the trunk!

  4. Allison Says:

    Next time a realtor shows up early, TAKE YOUR FIVE MINUTES! You want to sell your house, but that doesn’t mean realtors get to disregard their scheduled appointment. There’s no excuse for that kind of unprofessionalism. Good luck with the showings, though! I feel for you! And remember, usually only serious buyers are looking in the fall/winter. Hopefully it won’t take long. 🙂

  5. Jenn Says:

    I hope that you sell quick! Allison is right, don’t feel bad about taking the 5 mins you need. You are the one with the baby and trying to organize yourself and a dog on top of it.

    But, yes, funny story and I am not jealous of the experience.

    Stop moving away from me, I am getting a complex!

    I have my fingers crossed for a quick sale!

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