Veg Head *

October 17, 2008

* this is not meant as an insult or derogatory remark towards all my vegetarian friends; rather it is a call for recipes.

Before we moved to Ontario about 50% of our meals were vegetarian. When we lived in the valley we did a sort of rotating dinner party for awhile and there were vegetarians in the group so we were introduced to several different vegetarian recipes. We had almost completely eliminated beef for a while, but it came back with full force when I got severely anemic while pregnant with Isaac. Now that we don’t have any local vegetarian friends it seems like the ratio has slipped closer to 80/20, and veggies are not in the lead. In fact in the last week and a half we’ve eaten mostly beef and pork, both of which we use to rarely eat. We are in a food funk and need some good healthy recipes (yes I know beef and pork can be considered healthy, but not the way we’ve been cooking them). It’s just too easy to do the same old meal plan and the usual grocery shop, we need some ideas people. I’d like to make 50% of our meals vegetarian again so I’m putting out a call for your favorite vegetarian meal. If you don’t ‘do that‘ feel free to share another type of recipe, but please for the love of my postpartum waistline no desserts.


3 Responses to “Veg Head *”

  1. Allison Says:

    Josh and I started cutting out ground beef before we moved to Alberta (you can imagine how hard it has been to keep it up here — we have a freezer full of family-fed beef!!), and we got in the habit of making lasagna with veggie ground round. I didn’t like it in anything else (tacos couldn’t even compare!), but I can barely taste the difference in lasagna. And it’s SO MUCH BETTER for you! My second (and much easier to prepare) favourite veggie meal is President’s Choice fresh pasta ( Yum!


  2. Jen Says:

    Dale and I do lots of vegetarian meals….most of my favs are listed in my del.ic.ious bookmarks. You can check them all out here:, once you get to my bookmarks narrow the search to vegetarian. A few of my personal favs are Portobello mushroom burgers (soooo yummy!), Chick Peas in Tomato sauce with Feta and Wine (you can substitute the wine for chicken or veggie broth), and grilled veggies in balasamic tomato sauce with couscous. I would highly recommend setting up a del.ic.ous cookbook of your own! It’s a super easy way to keep track of online recipes!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Hey Jackie, unfortunately, I am not a healthy eater. I pretty much have always lived on beef, pork (especially bacon), and chicken. So, I have no help for you….and my postpardum waistline is paying for it! However, if you come across some great recipes, feel free to share and I will definitely do the same!

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