Four Months

October 17, 2008


Four months!!! Were does the time go?!? You are still a superstar and the center of attention, which conveniently is just how you like it. You’ve developed your own opinion on some things already and I both anticipate and fear the time when you can put all your opinions into words. It’s amazing what a little man you’ve already become. I hesitate to say you’re teething as there are no tooth buds on the horizon, but you are drooling up a storm and chewing on anything you can get you chubby little hands on. You have preferred teethers and you let me know when I’ve brought the wrong one. While you can entertain yourself now for up to an hour at a time, you prefer to play for an audience and will call us over if we’ve left you for too long. As soon as someone is in view your cries turn instantly to smiles and coos; that is assuming of course that we’ve responded in due time, otherwise a cuddle is also required to bring back the smiles. The same can be said for your swing and car seat, you start to fuss and cry when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough, but as soon as you know you’ve gotten your way (i.e the car stops or I start pushing buttons on the swing) you are instantly smiles…what can I say kid, you certainly come by it honestly πŸ™‚

You continue to charm and or amaze all who meet you. “He’s only four months old?…and…how much does he weigh?” are common questions when we’re out and about as you are a healthy little boy. We’re already onto size Large diaper covers and are quickly running out of room in your medium fitted diapers. Just when we think you must be about to hit a plateau you grow over night. I’m not sure what you weigh (our four month appointment is next Monday and I’ll make note then), but I measured you the other day and you’re 26.5 inches long!

Sleep is what it is. Some days you do some days you don’t, the same could be said for nights. We seem to be doing alright so I’m confident that we can persevere the long nights knowing there will be good ones ahead. You are still not a big fan of your stroller, but seem to like it better when I prop you up in it so you can see what is going on around you. You love all of your carriers which is nice and very convenient when I have to get something done and you don’t want to be put down.

You discovered your dog Bailey this month and think he is the funniest thing going. Your laugh is adorable and your Papa and I make fools of ourselves (and the dog) trying to get you to giggle. While you are still a champion eater, you are getting more distracted when we feed in public and have left me exposed on more than one occasion when something shiny has caught your little eye. You are starting to get frustrated with the limitations of your little body. Your hands don’t always do what you want them too and sometimes you smack yourself pretty good with a toy you’re trying to put into your mouth. Thankfully all you need is a little cuddle or a kind word and you’re back to playing again. Overall you are a pretty happy kid, although I’d definitely tag you as a morning person so far (that you don’t come by so honestly…must be a recessive gene). You continue to be the sun that brightens our lives on a daily basis and are truly loved.


4 Responses to “Four Months”

  1. eva Says:

    Isaac is officially bigger than Megan! Whew, they can totally be long distance boyfriend & girlfriend now! 4 months was the true beginning of Megan’s personality, and it sounds like Isaac’s the same. He sounds like such a charmer! Enjoy the 5th month:)

  2. Jen Says:

    Awww πŸ™‚ Sounds like Isaac is doing awesome! What a great letter! Is he finally liking the Ergo?

  3. jackie Says:

    Yes the Ergo is now the first one we reach for, I think it just took us a while to get use to it.

  4. lisalou Says:

    Sounds Great!
    I agree about the frustrations with body limitations thing- i think that’s Where Ruby is at too.

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