Fall Flavours

October 5, 2008

As I mentioned before fall has definitely arrived and seems to have taken hold over this past weekend. The leaves are turning and the groceries stores are full of local winter squash.

Colourful Local Winter Squash

Colourful Local Winter Squash

The really great part is that each varitey of squash has a different recipe on it so we’ve tried some new ones. In keeping with the season we’ve had some yummy fall meals lately (which to me means warm fatty yummy comfort foods) such as Rosemary Chicken

(this includes bacon), and stuffed dumpling squash, soups and stews.

Here is one of the recipes off of the sweet dumpling squash (the green and cream one).

Stuffed Dumpling

Cut out stem end of squash and remove seeds. Fill cavity with diced potatoes, onions, hamburger, salt/pepper. Fill with milk. Set in roaster pan with 2 cm of water. Bake 1 hr or until squash is soft. Top with cheese before removing from oven. ( I cooked the hamburger first).

So what are some of your favourite fall meals?


3 Responses to “Fall Flavours”

  1. Jenn MacMillan Says:

    I wish my food looked like that! I don’t have seasonal recipes, I really should…maybe you should help me out : >

  2. theunforgivingminute Says:

    Wow Jackie, that recipe looks yummy! I’ll have to put that on my must try list!! I didn’t know you could actually cook with that type of squash. I have only seen it as decoration.

  3. eva Says:

    Macaroni & cheese, homemade style, not KD. Although I love KD too of course! I’ll have to try that recipe using some veggie ground round:)

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