Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008



October 28, 2008

Isaac has started ‘standing’ in our laps and thinks it’s THE best thing EVER! So I thought it was time to try the excersaucer. He really enjoyed it, but only for about 10 minutes.

I love October

October 26, 2008

And not only because it’s my birth month. Because of Halloween it is the easiest month to come up with cheap ideas of stuff Bobbie-Jo and I can do together. We’ve already visited the haunted Fort Fright, made this project for her front door and we’re going to make Halloween sugar cookies on Monday (it’s a pro-D day and there is no school) and carve our pumpkins on Tuesday.

Mouse in the House

October 24, 2008

Nope, not Dr. Seuss….real life drama. Well okay not drama, but it felt like it last night. Thursday night is the night we place our recycling out and this week it was paper and cardboard. Due to the house showings the recycling box which usually resides in the corner of the dining room has been stored in the garage. Jason brought the boxes in to sort last night and a mouse jumped out (at me). Well the at me is debatable, I think so, Jason doesn’t agree. We both agree that I screamed like a little girl, including the jumping up and down.

So below are the pictures of how we tore the house apart trying to catch this mouse. Because of course we had a showing the next day and I could just imagine the little guy darting across the floor over the next potential buyers foot. We tried to enlist the cats to help, but Mickey was scared of the moved kitchen appliances and Abbey ran up stairs…….

Isaac wasn’t fazed. He slept through it all.

… we all know time is precious and that there is never enough of it in a day. And I’m pretty sure we’ve all had days where 5 minutes would have  made a world of difference; even if it’s just 5 more minutes of sleep. Today was one of those days, but it had nothing to do with sleep.

Jason is posted to Winnipeg and will move sometime in Dec/Jan time frame, all signs point to me being posted to Winnipeg too, but we don’t have the message in hand yet. Regardless, we’re not that concern as barring any unforeseen high end operational need, I will be posted to the same city as my husband…life is good. Now we need to sell the house. We’ve had three showings so far and due to the nature of real estate and work schedules I’ve had to prepare the house for all of the showings while being the sole caregiver for a 4 month old. All I can say is thank goodness he’s getting better at self entertaining and can actually be put down every once and a while.

We had a showing today, it was suppose to be between 11h00 and 12h00. Usually I just take the dog and babe for a walk but today it was raining cats and dogs so we decided we’d meet Jason downtown for lunch. It was 10h45 and I was 5 minutes from being out the door. I just had to dress Isaac and pop him in the car seat and we would have been gone, not to be seen again until 12h00 (to meet the furnace repair guy because apparently our furnace/AC system is a lemon!). Well the Realtor showed up early, shit…the house was clean, the pets were out, Bailey was safely stowed in the car ready to go. But the baby was wet, half naked and on the kitchen floor. I apologized for not being gone and ran up stairs to grab some clothes for Isaac and a couple of diapers. I had to meet the people looking at the house (I HATE that!!!)  as I grabbed my car keys. I get the car packed and open the garage door to see the Realtor’s Saab totally blocking my way. I run through the options in my head and decide to close the garage door so I don’t have to see them leave. I figure since we’re not going anywhere (as I have NO intention of asking the Realtor to move her car) I should feed Isaac, but in case the people decide to look in the garage I decide the front seat of the car is not a good place. Maybe in the back with Bailey? that way if they do look in the garage they won’t even see us (the back windows are tinted) I open the hatch and remember the dog is wet and smelly because he was out back in the rain. Option two in the back seat…beside the new HUGE car seat. I’m about to step into the car and the garage door opens…I hear the Realtor say ‘oh she’s in here’ I try to tell her she is blocking me but the door closes. Now I’m really stumped on what to do. I’m trapped in my garage with a baby and a smelly dog, it’s pouring out so we can’t just grab the stroller and run since I left in a rush and we don’t have any of our rain gear. I don’t want to feed with the doors open in case they decide to look at the garage just before they leave and the people looking at my house think I’m some sort of freak who is spying on them and pretending to leave because I opened and closed the garage door.

In the end I squeezed into the back and fed Isaac (who is getting cold in just his onsie) and hid like a scared child in a horror movie in constant fear the door to the house would open they’d flick on the lights and get an eye full of infant feeding. I only hope that when they left they had the where-with-all to put two and two together and realize the only reason I didn’t leave was that their car was blocking mine. Needless to say I’m not expecting an offer from this one.

Five more minutes and  I would have been out the door with a dressed child, rain gear in hand and had a nice leisurely lunch with my husband, before returning home to an imacculatley clean house…oh well, nothing to do but laugh…but forgive me if I wait until after I’ve made lunch.

Four Months

October 17, 2008


Four months!!! Were does the time go?!? You are still a superstar and the center of attention, which conveniently is just how you like it. You’ve developed your own opinion on some things already and I both anticipate and fear the time when you can put all your opinions into words. It’s amazing what a little man you’ve already become. I hesitate to say you’re teething as there are no tooth buds on the horizon, but you are drooling up a storm and chewing on anything you can get you chubby little hands on. You have preferred teethers and you let me know when I’ve brought the wrong one. While you can entertain yourself now for up to an hour at a time, you prefer to play for an audience and will call us over if we’ve left you for too long. As soon as someone is in view your cries turn instantly to smiles and coos; that is assuming of course that we’ve responded in due time, otherwise a cuddle is also required to bring back the smiles. The same can be said for your swing and car seat, you start to fuss and cry when you’ve decided that you’ve had enough, but as soon as you know you’ve gotten your way (i.e the car stops or I start pushing buttons on the swing) you are instantly smiles…what can I say kid, you certainly come by it honestly 🙂

You continue to charm and or amaze all who meet you. “He’s only four months old?…and…how much does he weigh?” are common questions when we’re out and about as you are a healthy little boy. We’re already onto size Large diaper covers and are quickly running out of room in your medium fitted diapers. Just when we think you must be about to hit a plateau you grow over night. I’m not sure what you weigh (our four month appointment is next Monday and I’ll make note then), but I measured you the other day and you’re 26.5 inches long!

Sleep is what it is. Some days you do some days you don’t, the same could be said for nights. We seem to be doing alright so I’m confident that we can persevere the long nights knowing there will be good ones ahead. You are still not a big fan of your stroller, but seem to like it better when I prop you up in it so you can see what is going on around you. You love all of your carriers which is nice and very convenient when I have to get something done and you don’t want to be put down.

You discovered your dog Bailey this month and think he is the funniest thing going. Your laugh is adorable and your Papa and I make fools of ourselves (and the dog) trying to get you to giggle. While you are still a champion eater, you are getting more distracted when we feed in public and have left me exposed on more than one occasion when something shiny has caught your little eye. You are starting to get frustrated with the limitations of your little body. Your hands don’t always do what you want them too and sometimes you smack yourself pretty good with a toy you’re trying to put into your mouth. Thankfully all you need is a little cuddle or a kind word and you’re back to playing again. Overall you are a pretty happy kid, although I’d definitely tag you as a morning person so far (that you don’t come by so honestly…must be a recessive gene). You continue to be the sun that brightens our lives on a daily basis and are truly loved.

Veg Head *

October 17, 2008

* this is not meant as an insult or derogatory remark towards all my vegetarian friends; rather it is a call for recipes.

Before we moved to Ontario about 50% of our meals were vegetarian. When we lived in the valley we did a sort of rotating dinner party for awhile and there were vegetarians in the group so we were introduced to several different vegetarian recipes. We had almost completely eliminated beef for a while, but it came back with full force when I got severely anemic while pregnant with Isaac. Now that we don’t have any local vegetarian friends it seems like the ratio has slipped closer to 80/20, and veggies are not in the lead. In fact in the last week and a half we’ve eaten mostly beef and pork, both of which we use to rarely eat. We are in a food funk and need some good healthy recipes (yes I know beef and pork can be considered healthy, but not the way we’ve been cooking them). It’s just too easy to do the same old meal plan and the usual grocery shop, we need some ideas people. I’d like to make 50% of our meals vegetarian again so I’m putting out a call for your favorite vegetarian meal. If you don’t ‘do that‘ feel free to share another type of recipe, but please for the love of my postpartum waistline no desserts.