And the Winners Are….

September 26, 2008

Any guesses? Yeah, not too complicated… two winners… two commments…it looks like Megan and Maegan will be two stylin’ little girls with their faux baby legs. Congrats to Eva and Jenn for winning the Fall Freebie.


2 Responses to “And the Winners Are….”

  1. Jenn MacMillan Says:

    Good Name Eva!!!!!

    How goes the bottle feeding??? Maybe try to trick him while he is asleep and try to feed him then. Maybe subconsciously he will take it again??

    I cannot wait to get Maegan all done up in her faux legs! She will be the hit of the block! Maybe you should teach me how to sew and I can start doing projects too : >

  2. eva Says:

    Thanks again Jackie! By the end of your mat leave Megan will have a whole new wardrobe!

    ps – great name choice Jenn…there aren’t a lot of baby Megans or Maegans out there these days!

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