In Isaac’s opinion…

September 24, 2008

…the bottle is no longer an option. He has taken a bottle since he was a month old, but the last two times Jason tried to feed him while I was out there was nothing but screaming angry baby and a lot of spilled milk. I’m not sure if my five week vacation sans bottle did him in or if it had anything to do with this (which I shamelessly copied from the baby center):
“Many babies who have been getting bottles all along will suddenly decide at about 3 months that they don’t want a bottle anymore, that they simply prefer breastfeeding. And why not? It’s warm, cozy, sweet-smelling, and done with their favorite person — Mom. So early success isn’t necessarily an ironclad guarantee that your baby will take the bottle when you really want her to.”

Either way I’m feeling a little confined today and wondering how I’m ever going to accomplish my once a week outings with my ‘little sister’ without Isaac in tow. Any suggestions on reintroducing the bottle ladies and gentlemen? We’re all ears over here.


3 Responses to “In Isaac’s opinion…”

  1. eva Says:

    Yay for being a Big Sister! I’ve been a Big since 1997 (Tis is my 2nd Little) and am so thrilled when I know other women are having that experience, ’cause some of the Littles reeeaaallly need positive role models (like you! military engineer-y academic momma!).

    And oh the bottle woes. They suck. No bottles in this house either, and we’ve gotten through it. It got better once Megan could eat rice cereal, because by then she could go longer without eating and there’s something that Brad/my mom could give her. I used to take Megan for my outings with my Little, and just kept them shorter, like only a couple hours meeting for lunch or something (my Little’s 16 and we’ve been matched for 7 years, so that kind of flexibility was fine with her). Now Tia and I are back to normal – get together every couple weeks for several hours, and it’s awesome!

  2. jermangirl Says:

    Wish I had some advice for you but Nate has never had trouble taking a bottle. In fact he’s never questioned any kind of food…ever. (Oh…except meat for the first little while – but he’s over that now.)

    I would just suggest that you keep trying, and maybe go back to basics and introduce it like they suggest to at 4-5 weeks. Try before he’s really hungry, when Mom is nowhere around, squirt a bit on his lips or into his mouth so he knows what’s in the bottle, etc, etc. And the other thing I remember reading was if you come home when Jason let’s you know he wouldn’t take the bottle. Try not to feed him instantly, so he doesn’t think he’s won the battle. Of course that may be a total no-go if he’s sreaming hungry!

    It’s worth a try though! Good luck 🙂

  3. None of my babies would ever take a bottle. My pediatrician assured me that they wouldn’t starve if I had to disappear for more than 3 hours and they didn’t. My Lil P once went five hours without eating. He took two ounces by a bottle and just waited (quite unhappily) till I got home. You can try different bottle nipples or wrapping the bottle in something you wore so it smells like you. But honestly, those didn’t work for me.

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