Power Stride

September 22, 2008

That’s the name of the new workout class I joined on Friday mornings. I have to thank Lisa for mentioning baby boot camp in her last post. I’ve been trying for weeks to find a local mom and baby fitness group to no avail; after reading Lisa’s post I googled bootcamp kingston and came up with the group I was looking for (who knew ‘body now 4 moms’ kingston wouldn’t work in a google search because they are ‘body now 4 mums’). Anyhow the point is I found the group, but I am not hard core enough for boot camp…this lady doesn’t run if she has a choice. So I signed Isaac and I up for Power Stride and Conditioning. We started last week and it was a pretty good workout, but still not super heavy cardio…so I may have to work on that on my own.

Isaac didn’t really appreciate the class. He cried for the longest period in his short life as there was no way I could go pick him up and still do the excersices and no one else was going to get their kids (ahhh the power of peer pressure). So I’d say he got the better cardio workout; he doesn’t seem any worse for the wear though by the end of the 45 min he was asleep (it’s hard work to scream at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes or so). Anyhow I think we might try the Ergo for next week as he is getting heavy to wear on my front and I think I’ll stop enjoying classes pretty quickly if they consist of my child being the only one losing it in his stroller.


3 Responses to “Power Stride”

  1. Jenn MacMillan Says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Maegan would be right up there with screaming, so don’t worry about it. Today no matter what I did she screamed. Finally, she went in her jolly jumper (we just got it today) and she had a blast. So, who knows what they want…she should have been ready to eat and sleep, but she wanted neither!

    I cannot wait to see Isaac in person! He is so cute in all the photos. I think my fav is the stroller one, totally conked out!

  2. lisalou Says:

    That sucks about the bottle! I hope it resolves itself soon.
    Boot Camp was great, but I was really surprised that there was running. Don’t get me wrong- I love to run but I was pretty sure 3 months was too soon for Baby.

    Sure enough, after I checked in with a friend who is a infant development consultant I learned- No Running with baby until at least 6 months. Just because I was looking for a “Yes” I contacted the BOB people -and they said 8 months.

    So, sadly, Boot Camp is nixed for now.
    I wish we had a walking class here. That sounds perfect!

    Thank goodness for my evening Bikram and Bellyfit classes !

  3. eva Says:

    Megan screamed her HEAD off in our stroller boot camp and in mom and baby yoga, both of which I took in the spring. I found it really stressful, and often ended up breastfeeding during class! In our summer boot camp and current boot camp, which are not stroller classes, she’s much happier, partly because I think the babies get happier once they’re 4 months old, can hold things properly, roll around a bit etc. For Megan though, boot camp only started being FUN once she could sit up and crawl. In our class the babies are all in the centre of the room, and there are stations around the edge of the gym. Megan spends a lot of time interfering with the workout stations – unplugging the fan, putting the bands in her mouth, rolling the balls etc:)

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