Fall Freebie

September 19, 2008

We woke up to single digit temperatures today and fall is definitely in the air. I thought I’d celebrate by offering my second ever give away. What’s up for grabs you might ask? Well they are made be me faux babylegs to keep those little ankles warm and socks firmly in place as winter approaches (we used Isaac’s today for the first time and they are awesome…if I do say so myself).

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

All you need to do to play is leave a comment about you favorite thing about fall and I will randomly chose two (yep, all the kneehighs I can buy around here come in packs of two) lucky winners who will each get one pair of legwarmers for their little one. Again to not exclude those who don’t have kids if you win and don’t have kids I can give you the leggs anyways (they make great arm warmers for the runners and walkers out there) or I’ll make you some hankies or cloth wipes for around the home…you choose.

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

To get the ball rolling my favorite thing about fall is the smell in the woods. You know the one I mean? Of overripe berries and turning leaves. And in Ontario I’m digging the lack of humidity.

Edited to add the draw will be made next Friday


2 Responses to “Fall Freebie”

  1. eva Says:

    You KNEW I’d enter, right? Super keener in the house! My favourite thing about fall is wearing cozy clothing on hikes and not overheating like I do all summer:)

    Love the argyle and overalls!

  2. Jenn MacMillan Says:

    Pick Me! Pick Me!!!!! I love them! So cute, Maegan needs them for her skirst! Also, I think it is cute that Isaac is matching the furniture around him!

    He sure is getting big! He has changed so much from his birthdate, he really looks like a little man!

    I cannot wait to see you!

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