The Poop Post

September 14, 2008

Don’t act so surprised; you can only read a new mom’s blog for so long before the topic of poop comes up. This morning Isaac had his first straight to the tub for a hose off diaper blow out, the kind that makes you thankful your at home. I mean I thought we’d seen blow outs before with smudges on sleepers or shirts but man those were nothing. Isaac was ready to get up earlier than I was this morning so I placed him in his crib on his back with the mobile on, this usually gives me at least 40 min which I decided to use for sleep this morning. I woke up to him crying and just thought the mobile had stopped and he’d had enough. I picked him up and noticed his leg was wet. There was nothing to do but toss the poor boy right into the tub to take off the diaper then hose him and me down. Now I’m off to go do laundry.


2 Responses to “The Poop Post”

  1. eva Says:

    LOL!! We’ve never ever had such an experience – thanks for taking one for the team!

  2. jermangirl Says:

    We had one of those last week…about 30 secs before we left the hotel for a day in the car! Talk about thankful for good timing!!

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