….well at least a new haircut and it’s wash and go. Who could ask for more.


And the Winners Are….

September 26, 2008

Any guesses? Yeah, not too complicated… two winners… two commments…it looks like Megan and Maegan will be two stylin’ little girls with their faux baby legs. Congrats to Eva and Jenn for winning the Fall Freebie.

My mom is not cheap…

September 26, 2008

…she’s thrifty…okay she’s cheap and that is why I’m dressed like this to go outside for cool evening walks.

Yes…those are socks on my hands…yes…nothing matches…yes..I look like a dork; but i’m warm, loved and even dressed as a dork I’m cute ๐Ÿ˜‰

In Isaac’s opinion…

September 24, 2008

…the bottle is no longer an option. He has taken a bottle since he was a month old, but the last two times Jason tried to feed him while I was out there was nothing but screaming angry baby and a lot of spilled milk. I’m not sure if my five week vacation sans bottle did him in or if it had anything to do with this (which I shamelessly copied from the baby center):
“Many babies who have been getting bottles all along will suddenly decide at about 3 months that they don’t want a bottle anymore, that they simply prefer breastfeeding. And why not? It’s warm, cozy, sweet-smelling, and done with their favorite person โ€” Mom. So early success isn’t necessarily an ironclad guarantee that your baby will take the bottle when you really want her to.”

Either way I’m feeling a little confined today and wondering how I’m ever going to accomplish my once a week outings with my ‘little sister’ without Isaac in tow. Any suggestions on reintroducing the bottle ladies and gentlemen? We’re all ears over here.

Power Stride

September 22, 2008

That’s the name of the new workout class I joined on Friday mornings. I have to thank Lisa for mentioning baby boot camp in her last post. I’ve been trying for weeks to find a local mom and baby fitness group to no avail; after reading Lisa’s post I googled bootcamp kingston and came up with the group I was looking for (who knew ‘body now 4 moms’ kingston wouldn’t work in a google search because they are ‘body now 4 mums’). Anyhow the point is I found the group, but I am not hard core enough for boot camp…this lady doesn’t run if she has a choice. So I signed Isaac and I up for Power Stride and Conditioning. We started last week and it was a pretty good workout, but still not super heavy cardio…so I may have to work on that on my own.

Isaac didn’t really appreciate the class. He cried for the longest period in his short life as there was no way I could go pick him up and still do the excersices and no one else was going to get their kids (ahhh the power of peer pressure). So I’d say he got the better cardio workout; he doesn’t seem any worse for the wear though by the end of the 45 min he was asleep (it’s hard work to scream at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes or so). Anyhow I think we might try the Ergo for next week as he is getting heavy to wear on my front and I think I’ll stop enjoying classes pretty quickly if they consist of my child being the only one losing it in his stroller.

Fall Freebie

September 19, 2008

We woke up to single digit temperatures today and fall is definitely in the air. I thought I’d celebrate by offering my second ever give away. What’s up for grabs you might ask? Well they are made be me faux babylegs to keep those little ankles warm and socks firmly in place as winter approaches (we used Isaac’s today for the first time and they are awesome…if I do say so myself).

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

Isaac keeping his ankles warm

All you need to do to play is leave a comment about you favorite thing about fall and I will randomly chose two (yep, all the kneehighs I can buy around here come in packs of two) lucky winners who will each get one pair of legwarmers for their little one. Again to not exclude those who don’t have kids if you win and don’t have kids I can give you the leggs anyways (they make great arm warmers for the runners and walkers out there) or I’ll make you some hankies or cloth wipes for around the home…you choose.

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

Showing off his argyle leg warmers

To get the ball rolling my favorite thing about fall is the smell in the woods. You know the one I mean? Of overripe berries and turning leaves. And in Ontario I’m digging the lack of humidity.

Edited to add the draw will be made next Friday

Three Months

September 15, 2008


You are three months today little man! You might notice that I neglected to write for two months, but lets just say we’re trying to make it fair for any siblings you might have whose first years I may not be able to document with such ardor. The truth son is that we were just too darn busy. You are a well traveled young man at the tender age of three months. When you were only six weeks old you and I packed up and flew out west for a whirlwind family and friends tour. Unfortunately we had to leave Papa at home since he was not allowed to miss any classes, but we called him daily and skyped often. However, with the time change and your healthy appetite you were inevitably eating almost every time we spoke to him.

You are a healthy boy and you still love to eat. At your last check up (which was between two and three months due to our travels) you weighed in at 15 lbs 14 oz and measured 24 inches in length. You have impressive head control and are very alert and bright eyed. These traits combined usually get you mistaken for a four or five month old. You still have very fair and fine hair and have kept your amazing blue eyes thus far.

Sleep continues to be a big deal for you but you are consistently getting better at it. Once I stopped eating dairy your stomach improved dramatically. You can still pass gas like a champion, but no longer scream in pain during the day. This has translated into daytime naps (yay!) which leads to a less cranky Isaac and a better night sleep. Day time naps, while more frequent, are still not routine in any way; you may or may not nap and they can last anywhere from 20 min to 2 hours. The only guarantee is that when you wake you will be hungry and in need of a fresh diaper. Most nights you only get up two, maybe three times to feed and then are generally easy to get back to sleep. Now that we are back home you start your nights in your crib then move into bed with us after your fist feed. This was an easy transition for you and I think I had a harder time at it than you did.

You are now a smiling fiend; although you can play shy and are occasionally stingy with the smiles. Your grandparents made fools of themselves constantly trying to capture that elusive smile on camera. Your Papa can always make you coo and get a big smile. You discovered your voice at about 10 weeks and had lots of fun playing with it the entire day. Now you usually have one maybe two vocal periods a day when you just want to talk; you are always more vocal when Papa is around.

You had your first cold during this period and are toughing it out quite well. You sound so stuffy but haven’t really been that grumpy because ofย  it. You tend to be a bit more cuddly in the evenings when you are sick, but we are not complaining. You like to play on your back and continue to sleep only on your stomach or side. You really like to sit up like a ‘big boy’, but can only accomplish this with help.

You are amazing and loved.