Towle Family Reunion

August 4, 2008

  What a blast. Jason’s family has a reunion every other year over the Aug long weekend. This year Isaac and I attended without Jason, he has been greatly missed, but everyone was happy to meet his son. My cousin Camille came with Jason and I to the last family reunion (in 06) the weekend before our wedding. She liked it so much she came back this year! You can see why as this is where the reunion is held:


It is on Jason’s Grandpa’s property in Youbou BC, and is well attended. This year there were over 50 people. Here is a shot of Isaac and his great-grandpa Bud.



Sunday was sunny so Isaac got all dressed up to hang on the beach with the fam.The lake was a little cool for little boys so Isaac swam in his own private pool intsead. Unfortunelty he was so sleepy we didn’t get the preformance we had hoped for that we usually get in the tub, he was all dopey eyed and yawns instead of coos and grins. 


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