Who is this kid…

July 29, 2008

…the one sleeping on my couch…yep, sleeping for the third..yes THIRD nap of the day. Yesterday that little boy who wouldn’t sleep, the one who was too tired to eat and to hungry to sleep for more than 10 to 15 min in a shot, that was my little boy. We solved the problem by offering a bottle (since bottle is all function and a lot less sleepy and comfortable than the breast) to quickly top him up with four ounces. He then slept for four hours, woke up to feed, ate, slept, ate, slept…until 6h30!!!…after a feed, we took Bailey for a walk he was cool in the stroller, then he ate, and napped!!!!

Maybe he’s resting up because he knows there is a big trip on the horizon… maybe he’s still exhausted from yesterdays sleep strike (must admit though, he was happy and not sleepy no excessive screaming)…maybe he’s just stockpiling sleep so he can torture all the poor souls on our red eye flight tomorrow night…the flight I didn’t book, the one we where moved to the leaves at his normal fussy time and arrives right when he has his usual first feed of the night, during the arrival when I’m not suppose to be breastfeeding but holding him firmly to my chest or something…. anyhow only time will tell, for now he’s sleeping and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ll be hit and miss from now until Sept when we return for our grand tour out west to visit family and friends, but don’t forget about us…we will be back and should do one or two trip updates 😉


2 Responses to “Who is this kid…”

  1. eva Says:

    Good luck! And just appreciate all the nappy-ness for what it is, even if it is a total anomaly.

    Oh and for us the red eye worked BETTER than the day/early evening flight – Megan slept the whole time!

  2. jermangirl Says:

    Good Luck on the flight! I found that nursing Nate just as we started to descend kept his ears from hurting, and feeding a little bit ahead of schedule is better than being behind schedule most of the time!! And Nate always fell asleep on take off..I think gravity pushing him into my chest settled him down really quickly! I’m sure Isaac will be great!

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