Not our morning…

July 22, 2008

…but not so bad.

Lets pretend this was posted yesterday… thanks.

Today was definitely a Monday. I had an doctors appointment in the morning and miraculously  managed to shower and have  Isaac fed and asleep in his car seat before we arrived (thanks to Jason being home for an rare 30 min between early morning PT and the start of his class). I even managed to make it to MIR (the base hospital) on time (or at least only one minute late) only to find out my appointment had been cancelled…yeah thanks for the call…oh you rescheduled for tomorrow, perfect ’cause I’m sure I can pull this off two days in a row really.

Oh well, I had to go out anyways so really not too bad. I had to run downtown to return some movies to our awesome video store with shitty parking. I managed to find a spot only a few blocks away and even had change for parking…bonus. We returned the movies without incident, but since I was downtown and had parking I thought I’d run to the bank to deposit some cash before it slipped through my fingers. I got to the bank only to realize the while I had purse and the cash my wallet was in the car…along with my bank card. Since I couldn’t deposit the cash I thought I spend it and went to a great local bakery to grab  myself a lemon currant roll…except this was the one day they didn’t have any…and I’m sure the lemon poppy loaf was excellent, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I was getting desperate and hot so I stopped into the local Macs to grab a slurpee, you guessed it machine was broken. So I slunk back to the car, tail between my legs, beaten into submission by the events of the morning. I was destined not to spend my money…even if I couldn’t deposit it. Now if my biggest complaint is that my doctors apt was rescheduled without my knowledge, I forgot my bankcard, and I couldn’t get my favorite baked good or a slush… then I guess life is pretty good. Besides, it got us out of the house 🙂


One Response to “Not our morning…”

  1. eva Says:

    Oh I’ve soooo been there! But even when all kinds of sucky stuff happens all at once, I totally agree that getting out of the house makes it all worth it.

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